So it's not thanksgiving here... and we're all just mooching around

Hello. It’s not thanksgiving here. But it is for lots of people. So there’s not so many people here.

Tra la la

Lets do something fun while everyone else is eating turkey. Lets… uh… play eye spy or something.

Once, I rode on top of a train and these robbers came after me and I ran down the train and then I jumped off and ran accross some fields and there were barbed wire traps and everything and I was really brave and I leaped over them all to save a puppy.

kicks dirt

where is everybody?

In my room :slight_smile:

I spy with my little eye, something begining with O.P

Everyone is in your room? That’s a big room.

Once, I rode on the back of a horse parading round the town square. It was the 18th century, I was 19 and I had rings on my fingers and bells on my toes. I had a mink coat for when I got off the horse and got a bit chilly. I lived in a cottage with a selection of flightless birds who brought me food. It was quite divine.

I guess Old Poo.

It’s not thanksgiving here! I guess cause it’s colder up here, our harvest has to be before the frost sets in :smiley:

I think I was there for that horse thing, Fran!

I’m not in Gartog’s room, I’m in my own room. At least, I think I’m in my room… maybe it turned into Gartog’s room while I wasn’t watching.

I guess Obese Pedophile.

I’m not celebrating thanksgiving although I am giving thanks that the morning sickness didn’t cause me to hurl on the way to work today.

Just for the record I’m not in Gartog’s room either, unless his room has turned into the CIA office.

Heyyyy… that was my 50th post up there! Yaaaaaaaaay! I just fell off my chair. Not because I was laughing or anything, my cat kicked me off.

Oh, and I’m still not in Gartog’s room.

I am certainly not in Gartog’s room. I only go into some guys rooms when I feel like it :wink:

Just kicking around myself actually. Shortly I shall be offline and heading to the mall… no not Christmas shopping… job searching… hopefully someone will call. I’ll even take a holiday job to tide me over till I find something more permanent.

See you all later poofs

I woke up to hear my ten year old daughter singing a song in Hindi in the shower. She learned it at school.

You calling me a poof?

Today I am off to Birmingham to the BBC Good Food Show where I will sample lots of free food and drink and then watch Jamie Oliver cook for a bit. I am going to try very hard not to spend every penny I have on kitchen gadgets. Wish me luck.

Lucky you … today I will be fiddling around trying to fix broken databases. As I have been doing all night. I have now been awake for twenty-four hours continuously, and there is no end yet in sight, and I am getting too old for all this!

Any Americans got any leftover turkey they could email me? I haven’t had any breakfast …

I think it’s an Origami Penguin. And I’m not in Gartog’s room either. And I’m rambling. And whining. I’ll shut up now.

Yeah, Francesca, lucky you. I’m fiddling around today trying to create a nice image of a galaxy cluster. I wish I was going to the Good Food Show. Its only a short train ride away from me. :frowning:

I guess its an Opentop Pirhana

I may have said this before, but when I was living in the US, some bozo asked me: “Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in England?”

I replied: “Yes, we give thanks that we got rid of those fucking pilgrims.”

Anyway, mundane blabber: I’d love to go to the Good Food Show. My idea of heaven. Instead, tomorrow yojimbo and I (and possibly micilin) are going to go to a liquidated stock auction. And tonight pints shall be had by hook or by crook. I’m in a Guinness mood. Just got paid.

Nope Francesca not calling you a poof. I went poof to go to the mall to drop off resumes and buy some stuff I needed (I gots new undies! Wanna see? :smiley: )

Just goofing around now trying to figure stuff out and tire myself out. I need my sleep for Purgatory later today, as well as class!

I’m ploughing through a design document for a new online service my Department’s providing. I wish I was eating turkey or going to the Good Food Show (so I could throw something at Jamie Oliver) or even going to a liquidated stock auction (which I originally thought was code for going to the pub).

jjimm, I too am in a Guinness mood. Check your mail.

I thought Thanksgiving was a formalization of the old English tradition of Harvest Home. I know England doesn’t have a Thanksgiving Day, but is there a harvest festival or some other Autumn holliday?

We do have Harvest Festival, but AFAIK its ‘official’ designation as a Church of England celebration it is only about a hundred years old, and was the idea of one Vicar from Yorkshire (?) (source: BBC Radio 4 a couple of weeks ago).

The American “official” designation as a holiday is only about 140 years old. Abraham Lincoln designated the last Thursday in November as the national Day of Thanksgiving. Before that days of thanksgiving were declared by governors and could vary by weeks. The Pilgrims celebrated days of thanksgiving after a particularly good harvest, and had days of atonement (fasting days) when things were bad. So if there was a drought, they would fast. When it rained afterward, they would have a day of thanksgiving. So they didn’t have “a day”, but gave thanks whenever they received what they saw as a gift from God. I have the impression that they’d have a thanksgiving at the drop of a hat. :wink:

I’m pretty sure the Pilgrim angle of the modern Thanksgiving Day came about in the latter quarter of the 1800s. The people were looking for a “pure” symbol of the day and decided on the Puritans. Since we were at war with the western aboriginals, they played down the friendly aspects of the Pilgrims’ dealings with them and portrayed “the first Thanksgiving” as more of a truce than a celebration. (Of course I haven’t really studied the issue, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)