For those not doing Turkey Day

For whatever reason you’re not having/doing Thanksgiving this year, what’s going on with you today? The boards are very quiet and until the inevitable “I hate my family” threads start it the pit [sub]Hi Tigg![/sub] I’d like to know what’s going on with everyone else.

As for me, it’s gone 11pm and us UK dopers are too cynical to have a day devoted to thanking people. :wink:


Fran: :smiley:

I am sitting here on the computer, surfing the Web, and in chat, as per usual.

My brother just got here, so I’ll probably be booted off the computer soon, as per usual.

My mom is cooking lots of food for my brother (but not me) to take back, as per usual.

My dad is going through the paper, as per… you know.

And it’s all of 5:15 pm here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sitting at my desk, under worked as usual. I come to the boards for entertainment, and they’re dead today. Sigh.

We in Canada had our Thanksgiving on October 8th. I didn’t hate my family, and I was thankful for many things.

Maybe later my kid and I will grab some take-out and watch Shrek again. Or maybe I’ll just go hang out in chat.

It’s 6:20 here, and I’m purposefully not doing T’giving. Don’t really want to exert the effort required for the fake happy face I’d have to put on for my relatives so they don’t get concerned and have to sit and listen through X years of crap. ::breath:: So I had the choice of going to relatives’ house or not.

I’m here posting, and I’ve been here posting since roughly 11. Draw your own conclusions from that and the fact that I’ve eaten soup all day because it was almost the only thing to eat.


People should thank other people every day. We don’t need a special day to do it. So get out there, enjoy the fact that there’s virtually no traffic and more importantly, enjoy yourself.

I was a total slob and hermit, making a great meal for myself (pasta, and okay, the dog cadged a few rare holiday nibbles) and it was wonderful. Talked to family and friends over the phone, hung around here…

Thanksgiving isn’t saying “thank you” to other people, it’s recognizing all the quiet, miraculous things that make up everyday life but we routinely blow off. Other people can be a big part of it, but just a part. Life. Whatever health we have. Sleeping safely at night. Having enough to eat. Freedom to speak our minds. Books, moments of unexpected beauty, comfort and kindness when we’re not looking for them…

Sorry, don’t mean to rant. Maybe it’s an overblown American thing that sometimes falls flat in execution. But I like having a day set aside just to reflect on all the everyday miracles that get sloughed aside. Puts things into perspective.


So thanksgiving was yesterday was it? I was under the impression that it was on Saturday, for some reason.


The boards seem unuseually quiet today as well ,I guess everone must recovering from overeating . . . . or something.

Me? I am just sitting here at work trying not to do any :slight_smile:

I skip the family Thanksgiving every year and love, love, love the day off. This week is deer hunting season, adn the men in the family spend as much time as possible in the woods. The women end up cooking and cleaning up after them. Screw that. If I went up North with my husband I could spend a solid week 10 miles out in the country at my mother-in-law’s house playing maid to hairy, smelly hunters.

Or I could send my husband and kids North alone, sit in my house with the pets eating cold shrimp and cheap champagne, and watching the Buffy marathon. This I can be thankful for.

I feel a little sorry for my MIL, but figure if her role in this holiday is not satisfying, the men are all old enough to take care of themselves, and she can opt out. She’s never called me on it, so I can only assume she’s happy.

For what it’s worth, I’ll be up for Christmas, pulling my weight and being Holly and Jolly.