So I've changed my mind: Donald Trump is pursuing a rational, intelligent strategy

I totally agree with IRT Champion.

Also, magic especially happens when a strategy (as outlined by the OP) meshes perfectly with the given personal characteristics of Trump himself.

So that is about the “how”, the misdirection, the disinformation, the keeping your opposition running and flailing at windmills.

As to the “why”, the long game, well, the Guardian had an excellent thinkpiece on that. Money, and money interests. Frightened by Donald Trump? You don’t know the half of it | George Monbiot | The Guardian

As for my predictions, on this crazy-like-a-fox-scenario, as proposed by Left Hand of Dorkness:

The crazyness will continue as it has for about one or two more weeks. By then the the Cabinet picks are safe, and most controversial executive orders will have been pushed through. One or two weeks from now, Trump will become easier and seemingly more grown-up, and people might relax for a while. Also, by then a lot of people will have been turned off from politics and news alltogether, which is just as Trump and Murdoch want.
The crazyness will flare up again when a supreme court member is picked.
And for the record, I also predicted Trumps win. In September.

Not because of my deep insights, but simply because I had seen with my own eyes that in my own country and in my neighboring European countries, Trump-like demagogues consistently get about 30 % of the vote. And in an American election with a low turnout, that might just be enough.