Trump Really is Stupid

As if this is news to anyone. Its just shocking how his colleagues view him.

The shockinger thing is how those around him support and cover for him. But yeah, your post isn’t wrong, the dude is a straight up dumbass.

And this is news to you how?

Because his portrayal always seemed to be somewhat cartoonish. Surely the real man couldnt be as dumb as depicted. But it turns out the truth is even worse, he is willfully ignorant, lazy and perhaps a tad mentally challenged. This man should not be allowed to be President. He is incapable of carrying out the duties of the job.

Look at how old those quotes are. He’s surrounded by enablers who are using their posts corruptly. This is not new, but we welcome you to the fold.

Trump’s an idiot.

At least we have Sarah Cooper to illustrate his abject stupidity using not only his own words, but his own voicing of those words. She’s my new favorite, apologies to Randy Rainbow.

Has anyone notified the media about this?

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At least we have Sarah Cooper to illustrate his abject stupidity using not only his own words, but his own voicing of those words. She’s my new favorite, apologies to Randy Rainbow.


Under normal circumstances, I cannot listen to the man speak without getting really stabby. But I could watch her all day lip-synching to his insane utterances. It makes me giggle bigly.

The inner circle around this man have definitely hid his incompetence and stupidity. But even with that, we’ve heard how little he’s willing to read briefing papers or even to listen to someone giving him a briefing report. Perhaps in years to come, some of these people will write tell-all books about how bad it was.

What you see in those quotes are the reactions of people who on their way to earn their real or figurative stars had to spend some time proving they knew what they were talking about. He did not.


To me, the true criminals are the ones who covered up, minimized, ignored and otherwise gratuitously used his complete ineptitude for their own selfish agendas.

There may be one or two who deluded themselves that they were “guardrails,” but the hell with that.

True patriots would have worked together to push him out the door as fast as possible. It’s not like he wasn’t going to give them every opportunity – and he did.

‘He’s not as dumb as you think.’

‘He couldn’t be!’


By the mid 80’s I knew Trump was dangerously stupid. It wasn’t long after that when he first appeared in his very first Doonesbury comic strip, accurately portrayed as a conman unfit for higher office.

If you remember, before the election there was an article in the New Yorker by the guy who wrote “The Art of the Deal.” Trump wasn’t dumb from hiring a ghost writer, he was dumb because he didn’t have the attention span required to sit and get interviewed, in other words to talk about himself. The writer had to follow him around.
I figure there are 3 types of Trump supporters. The corrupt ones, already mentioned. The racists who love having their racism enabled from the top. And then there are those even stupider than Trump is.
Most of these people would have made excellent Nazis in 1930s Germany.

As a poster I agree.

As a moderator I’m moving this to The Pit.

I fail to see how this is news to anybody, as I’ve known this since the 70s. Not just stupid, but absolutely repugnant.

Well, as this is now in the Pit, I will say that when I started a webpage for my drawings, I did not expect that Trump would end up taking over a vast majority of the space, but it was a page where I wanted to try to expose the nasty, cruel, despicable and stupid of modern society. And it happened naturally, he filled it all by himself. I loathe the man, but I have reached the conclusion that, try as I may, I cannot insult him. I can only describe him, paint him how he is (well, not even that, I do not come close). Insulting him would mean going beyond what he his. I am not capable of that.
I hope his reign is over soon, so I can get back to drawing normal despicable things. How the USA got into this SNAFU will some day surely be the subject of dozens of PhD-thesis on sociopathology.
I also hope this whole sorry affair does not pay for his enablers, and that Jared, Ivanka, Tweedle Pee and Tweedle Dumb Jr., Barr, Pence, Pompeous, Hope, Conway and all the others end up in jail for a really long time. I also hope he does end up in jail, but not necessarily for a very long time: just until he dies.

History will judge the complicit
Is an article in The Atlantic. Don’t know if it’s paywalled and it is quite long, but well worth the read.

I’m expecting soooooo many books and interviews with former WH staff talking about his stupidity after he’s out of there. I think that’s their plan. A staffer may look like an idiot for playing along with the doofus, but hey, the book will make them rich, so at least they’ll have that.

That was excellent. Thanks for posting the link.