So I've got questions about dental implants

My husband is going to get one tomorrow. Google isn’t really helping me with the questions I have regarding it, though, so of course I am coming here to you fine people for answers!
My understanding of the procedure tomorrow is that the diseased tooth will be removed, and the anchor for the implant will be installed, with the gum closed over it. Then we wait for healing.
I’m the cook in the family, so I need to know what kinds of foods are OK during the healing process, especially in the beginning. Soft or liquid items are obviously going to be preferred at least at the start - is hot or cold preferable? Spicy OK, or should everything be on the bland side? The tooth is a biscupid if that matters, so not majorly involved in chewing.

Will there be a lot of drainage, etc? I had four of my permanent teeth removed years ago and the first few nights were pretty gross. Being young, though, I healed up fast and the extractions were the end of the treatment for those.

I have 3 implants, but they were installed a few years ago so my memory may be off.

I don’t remember a lot of discharge, but I’m pretty sure they gave me the standard verbiage about warding off dry socket.

I’m pretty sure I was told liquids/soft food only for a day or two after the procedure, and them pretty much whatever I could tolerate – except no chewing on the side of the mouth with the implant. This was almost extraneous advice – the very notion of chowing down on something like chips did not appeal to me. I recommend nothing too hot or spicy or crunchy or sticky for the first couple three days.

The dentist will probably prescribe some painkillers – I think I got Tylenol with Codeine. Encourage him to take them when it’s just starting to get pai nful, rather than waiting to the “I don’t think I can take this pain any longer” stage.

When I got mine I was cautioned against very hot drinks, or caustic drinks (sodas) that could prematurely dissolve the sutures.

Good to know - we were told no hot foods for at least 24 hours, which is something I wish I’d known beforehand!

No carbonation or straws. Smoking is a bad idea. I would think soups would be best.

No hot soup, which was all I had in the house. So I had to run out and get yogurt, pudding and ice cream.

Mostly right, but there is a time delay factor. I know this because I’m in the middle of having 2 implants done (but they are staggered; each tooth is at a different stage of the process).

My first tooth was removed at the end of August. The sutures were removed a week or so later and it is now healing/healed.

In March I’ll go back and they’ll do any bone grafting (I have gum disease) that may be necessary and install the anchor.

All this is with my periodontist. Once the anchor is in place, I got to my regular dentist to have her install the surface “tooth”, so prolly late March or April.

I was told to avoid spicy food and to avoid food that was too hot/cold.

What I did was make instant mashed potatoes with riced broccoli, cauliflower and carrots, and veggie crumbles boiled so they’d be extra soft and then I smothered them in a Gouda/Parmesan cheese sauce. I ate that for 2 days then I was okay for ramen so by the 4th day I was eating pretty much normally (pasta, rice, soft veggies, etc.)

I’ve had zero bleeding or any other discharge problems.

Thanks for the reply, Bo. Sounds like you are doing well! We’ve already got mashed potatoes in the fridge, so we’re going to try that tomorrow when he can have something warm. I’ve also got some fish, which is pretty soft so we might try some small pieces of that in a couple days. Looks like riced vegs are available now in the store, so I may try to add some of that too.

I had root canals. The teeth had actually fallen apart, so the endodontist and surgeon had to attach caps to them. So kind of like implants.

Applesauce. Cut up fruit (I can’t recall exactly what this is called, but it’s basically chopped up fruit in light syrup… fruit cups?). Yogurt, for protein. Ground beef (or turkey, etc), same. Bananas, same. Berries should be fine (I didn’t have any personally). No large fruit, though.

The teeth will get better, but I’d give them a few days first.

We just tried a smoothie, which worked well. Homemade blueberry sorbet I already had in the freezer and oranges, with milk. I’ll pick up some plain yogurt and bananas tomorrow. A lot of smoothie recipes seem to include bananas, and they’re soft whole too. He’s taking antibiotics and NSAIDs so keeping something in the stomach while all that is going on is important.

Avoid stuff with seeds or hard fragments that could imbed in the wound.

Excellent point!

I have a few of them. I had zero pain or bleeding for most of them. One hurt enough to require 2 of the supplied pain pills 6 hours apart. One time, careless chewing of tortilla chips started some bleeding several days later. My main complaint was how many weeks it took for the doc to say I was ready for the implant to be screwed into the newly formed bone. When it was upper teeth, he took x-rays to make sure there was room for the implant without getting into the sinus above it. Very precise work.

We’ve been told up to 6 months to get to the next stage – we’ll see how that part goes. So far so good, though husband is prone to canker sores when stressed, and he says those are bothering him more right now than the surgery site. The oral surgeon said the cankers were the worst he’d ever seen, and I believe it. He’s got something he bought at a conference that he’ll try on the sores at the next appointment next week if they’re still there. They probably will be. Funny how we can do stuff like these implants now, but canker sores are still on the list of unconquered ailments.

My lower 1st molar implant went well. They x-ray to confirm a nerve wouldn’t get damaged.

Waiting a few months for the post to heal got tiresome. I had almost no pain or bleeding.

My original tooth had been pulled several years earlier Getting used to chewing again took awhile. The contact between my upper and lower teeth felt very strange. I stopped noticing it after a couple weeks.

I’m still missing my 2nd molar. But the dentist said I really didn’t need to replace it. I have a good chewing surface.

The worst pain is writing the checks. I had Delta Dental. They only pay half. I was out of pocket over 2k.

I was wondering what the cost was like. I looked into getting implants a few years back, and I lost interest when the dentist started talking about getting a second mortgage to cover the cost.

It ain’t cheap. One tooth = $3,500.

That’s about what I’m paying as well, and my Delta Dental covers nothing. My dentist seemed shocked when I told him I’d have to delay some procedures so I could pay for them because it was all coming out of my pocket.