So I've just twisted my ankle...

… and I can’t put my full weight on my right foot. Twisted it five minutes into a casual volleyball match because I did not stretch prior to playing.

Let that be a lesson to all of you!

Anyway, while it’s just swollen (to just about 1.5x it’s usual size, not much), poised to turn a multitude of pretty colours (although none yet, thankfully), and while I’m sitting here with an ice pack to my ankle, I recall past instances when just such an accident occured. sigh

At any rate, one awesome “cure” for the pain was Vioxx. That stuff was fantastic! One little pill, and I’d be pain free for the entire day!

… of course, apparently, now it causes heart problems, and is no longer on the market.

What “cures” have you found (besides the obvious dose of acetaminophen or ibuprofen)? Any old wives tales we can amuse each other with?

In the meantime, I’ve prescribed myself plenty of bed rest, :slight_smile:

I nearly broke my left foot at the San Francisco Half-marathon - took a bad fall approaching the Golden Gate. I hiked the rest of it - ~8 miles of hiking/weight load on a badly-swollen ankle.

  1. If you haven’t yet already had it checked out, do so. Since Vioxx is Rx-only, you likely did.

  2. Elevate the injured ankle, above your heart. I also liked the ice/heat/ice cycle.

  3. Loose shoes help also.

RICE is the standard prescription (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Sounds like you’ve done everything but the compression part; send someone out to fetch you an ACE bandage or something like it. It helps quite a lot, I’ve found. I kept my ankle strapped for several weeks after my last sprain.

Those colors (and they will come soon) are pretty nifty. I’m always entertained by the fact that parts of the foot that were completely uninjured develop the BEST bruises. I guess the blood migrates under the skin.

I wrenched my left knee a week ago by falling into a four foot deep trench at a constuction site. I wish I had done some stretching first.

My favorite cure is some Surpass (an equine topical diclofenac product). Unfortunately, the human version is Rx-only, so that won’t help you much, unless you happen to have some Surpass for your hypothetical horse.

I use Vetrap, which is even stretchier than an Ace bandage, and therefore provides more compression. I think the human version, available at CVS, is named Coflex or something similar. Look for self-adhering bandage material. Wrap it around so that there is a little tension in the material (that is, don’t just lay it down, but stretch a little as you go), but not so tight that you can’t get a finger or two under the edge of the finished product. While you are at CVS, buy some bandage scissors – that self-adhering stuff is a bear to try to unravel and even worse to try to reuse if you stretch it and make a proper compression bandage, so, unless you are a starving student, don’t bother: just cut that sucker off! I find it does not make as good a bandage the next day.

I had ankle surgery last fall, and it was an excellent excuse to sit on my ass with my feet up on whatever was handy and watch CSI reruns. I think some therapeutic cough audiovisual therapy is in order! :smiley:

LOL horsetech! I might just take you up on that.

I ended up getting the ankle x-rayed, which then led to the realization that I had actually fractured it… partially, but I’ll still need a cast. sigh

I’m just waiting a week for the swelling to go down before they actually attempt to put a cast in it.

If I haven’t said so before: Crutches hurt after awhile. aaagh!

p.s. Mods, the OP is actually me, but back when the SD only let guests have 30 days’ membership. Can you merge these two accounts? :slight_smile:

Pay an elderly Japanese man to rub his hands together then rub your ankle.

Twisted ankles are part of volleyball, stretch or no stretch. My friend who was into the sport did all the right prep and still twisted an ankle four out of five years.

No fun! Here’s hoping for a quick recovery!