So long and thanks for all the rants! (November mini-rants)


  • October 26, Wednesday. I order flowers, next day.
  • October 27, no flowers. I complain to support on the PF website.
  • October 27, email, “we’ll get back to you in 24 hours (or less!)”
  • October 28. No word. complain on the website again. email: “we’ll get back to you in 24 hours (or less!)”
  • October 29. Saturday. Crickets. I really should have called, but should I have to?
  • October 30. It’s Sunday. They’ve obviously forgotten me.
  • October 31. Monday, I call. “We’ll expedite, she’ll get flowers today!”. Me: I’d like a refund and free flowers. “Nope, 20% off”. Me: fine if she gets flowers today! dammit!
  • November 1. No flowers. I start incident with CC company. This is straight up fraud.


  • October 30 order flowers to my friend, next day
  • October 31, flowers don’t arrive. I ping FTD support via website: flowers didn’t arrive
  • November 1: full refund from FTD

Kicker: FTD owns ProFlowers. I didn’t know that when I placed the second order.

Upshot: I found a florist in my lady’s hometown. Flowers should arrive tomorrow :crossed_fingers:

Pro tip -
Go on the internet. Find a florist in your destination. Order direct.
Do not use any third party floral ordering services. They all suck.
(looks like you figured that out on your own)

That’s part of the definition of a cat! Sometimes, the worst thing you can do is show your cat that something annoys you because, once they see that, they’ll do it on purpose! LOL

I play L4D2 online with a friend of mine and, every time he brings up the game, his cat Andromeda (Andy for short) does everything she can to sabotage his effort to play. She’ll paw at keys and even try to lie on the keyboard. Once, she was able to bat the ball out of his track ball device and send it bouncing across the room. By the time he scurried after it, retrieved it, and popped it back in, his character was quite dead. :slight_smile:

I saw a little pos car riding on four donuts (little spare tires). Wasn’t sure if it was a statement or necessity.

So, it’s been a while now since I started “learning new skills” (which is a great thing, so why does it sound so bad??) Anyway, after checking a couple of options, I started learning the basics of digital marketing. Content writing for social media specifically.

Things finally started to make sense after the initial “come again?”, “wait, what is that?”, “is this even in English, and if it is - why don’t I understand a single word in this sentence?” phase. Feeling all confident, I picked a random “client”, did a little bit of research using my brand new tools, it was all going great. So, why then, why did I have to push it and try to write an actual social media strategy proposal? Needless to say, I failed miserably, and to make it worse, I even used a template that really makes things easier, didn’t try to do it by myself from scratch.

Look, when I am sort of worried if I’ll know how to do something properly and eventually I do fail - I’m fine with that. But this, thinking that I got it and realizing how much I actually don’t - this is just… annoying. And just to clarify, I neither intend nor expect to make a career out of this. I might have a chance to write a couple of pieces here and there, mostly thanks to my personal contacts (I spoke to a couple of friends who have their own businesses).

As a mature adult, I should just say - it’s okay, I’ll learn how to do this, it’s not that difficult and there is no need to get frustrated. And I will say this to myself tomorrow, but when I saw the “rant” thread, I just couldn’t help it. Happy November, right?

Whatayamean you don’t want to post to twitter from your refrigerator?

Apropos of nothing, I’ve modified the email tag on my phone to “Sent from my Glade Air Freshener”

Call the local funeral homes and ask for florists recommendations. The receptionist probably has a list of florists and caterers by their phone.

I hope your lady likes her flowers.

I go into the office twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. We had a bunch of Halloween candy left over after Monday night, and my wife is one of those “I don’t want that stuff in my house or I will eat it!” kind of people, so I took a big bag of it into work on Tuesday. I set out a paper plate full of candy in both the upstairs and downstairs break rooms.

This morning, both plates are gone.

There’s probably less than a dozen people working in the entire building, so I seriously doubt it was all eaten between then and now. Somebody must have decided to take it home with them. Which kind of pisses me off. I still have some left at my desk, but I’m sure as hell not going to put it out.

My neighbor across from me asked housing to transfer her to the first floor because of the fire.
I asked them. They said they are not moving anyone. I told them my neighbor told me so. They say. Oh, we can’t discuss anyone else. I told them I contacted Fair Housing.

Fired my coworker today. This has been coming for a while and I have been trying to find some other way. This person has had my back many times. We have been in the trenches for a long time.

Everyone is telling me it is what had to be done. I am running this company now and I have to do whats right for it to succeed. Its a complicated situation and I can’t imagine it looking like anything but a dick move by me to anyone looking in from the outside.

Im sitting here in the office by myself. Im heartbroken. Fuck.

I’m sorry. I was once an assistant manager at a computer store and one of my coworkers was a friend of mine going all the way back to high school. We were in Scouts together. And I had to threaten to fire him. (I never did but I would have had to if he didn’t change his behavior.)

It sucks. It can make you really sick. But sometimes you have to. I doubt anyone is judging you harsher than you’re judging yourself. This is the shitty kind of thing you have to do when you’re in charge. :frowning:

All so true, and one reason I quickly realized that I just couldn’t hack being “Middle Management”. The boss would rant about some perceived laxity and yell “put your people’s toes to the fire!”

So I’d go back to my department and say “Look, guys, Ed’s really pissed off, totally unfounded… you guys are doing an amazing job… but let’s get this one project for his “family friend” client done fast and make it look good. And don’t go asking Ed for any favors this week.”

Even watered down like that, I felt terrible. I soon quit to go teach.


Had a caller today who didn’t speak English quite as well as they thought they did. I asled “Does anybody have income from one or more jobs?” she said no. I asked (because it’s required) “Does anybody drive to work or pay for transportation to work?” She said she drove to work. It came out that she had two jobs.

When I asked the race of each individual in the household, I got a clear answer. When I asked ‘Are they of Hispanic or Latino origin?’ her answer was less clear. I determined she thought she couldn’t say ‘No they are not’ but thought she had to pick either Hispanic or Latino based on the phrasing of the question.

The insurance company is limiting the amount of sessions for my son’s occupational therapy, we’ve run out of sessions, and the problem is not resolved. My husband is appealing, but honestly, sometimes I just want to throw in the towel. He’s been in OT for a year for feeding issues. There was some initial strong progress at the beginning, but we’ve just been stagnated for so long, I feel like we’re fighting for something that’s not even working. He started daycare recently and he won’t eat lunch at daycare. He just starves himself.

At home we feed him garbage, he eats like twenty different kinds of crackers, chicken nuggets, some dried fruit, and protein waffles/pancakes, but he won’t eat anything else. The therapist keeps having us try more garbage food, with the hope that after he expands his palette to more garbage food, he’ll start eating fresh food. This is not what I wanted for my son. I completely overhauled my diet to try to set a healthy example but at any given moment I now have in my house about every unhealthy snack imaginable and I keep eating the shit. And I have to feed my son the shit. And I just hate it. And everyone we talk to about it is like, “Oh, kids are picky, it’s not a big deal” but yes it’s a big fucking deal, my kid isn’t just a picky eater, he has sensory processing issues and he’s eating garbage and just because most Americans eat garbage (including me) doesn’t mean it’s okay. I’m tired of people trying to normalize this. Especially the assholes who are like, “Just let him starve, he’ll get hungry enough to eat eventually.” I don’t know how he comes out of this without major food issues. I wanted to spare him all of that. And I want to give up.

@Spice_Weasel, I’m sorry this is happening. I can empathize a lot with your vision of how things would be not matching how things are. I don’t have specific advice for you but I agree with you that it is a big deal and definitely a not-so-mini rant. hugs

(Also, some kids WILL straight up starve themselves over sensory issues with food. It even has a name, ARFID, Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder.)

I was recently diagnosed as bipolar 2. We are still in the process of figuring out medicine. I am feeling the best I have in my adult life. The most normal I have ever been since I moved out. However, I’m still having problems and every medicine adjustment brings the side effects on. I am just so frustrated with this whole process. Can’t I just have some magic pill that makes me normal? Someone wave a wand and make me a functioning human, please.

Reporting on the cost of living crisis

I know it seems heartless to pit this, but let me be clear: It’s fine, and indeed important, for the news to report on how bad the cost of living crisis is, and what is being done about it. And I think it’s somewhat valid to interview some people who are now below the poverty line, and the particular strains that they are under.

But, a lot of the reporting I am seeing on TV, and listening to on the radio, particularly from the BBC, is utterly inane. Interviewing random people – not particularly rich or poor – to whine on about how eggs are £1.25 and they used to only be 88p or whatever.
Yeah, I know, I see it every day, why is this on national TV?

The thing that annoyed me today, and made it pit-worthy, was a whole segment on the radio comparing random people’s shopping baskets to the standard basket that is used for calculating the current inflation figure. They noted that some people bought more, or less, of the things in the standard basket.
No shit, Sherlock. People’s shopping baskets aren’t identical, thanks for bringing this news to my attention!

I didn’t realize I had sensory processing disorder til a friend mentioned her son had it. I read up on it so I could offer support, and realized that I definitely had SPD. Mine has become less severe with age, therapy and medication. I just realized I have a tele health appointment with my psychiatrist now. I’ll finish this later.

That sounds gnarly. One thing I’m grateful for is Wee Weasel is doing fine in growth and development. He’s very tall for his age. So the kid ain’t starving. But if we tried to force him to eat things he didn’t like, he might well be. When we first got treatment for him he became distraught any time a non-preferred food was in range of him - didn’t even have to be on his plate. Could be something on my plate, he reacted with fear and distress. Now he is able to tolerate new foods on his plate and even touch them. So that’s progress, I guess, but… he’s not actually eating them.

I’ve been on psych medication for a long time, and I’m on a good combination of meds right now, but still every once in while I just want to dump it all in the toilet. To accept that you need medication to function, and deal with the resultant side effects, can be tough.

Not at all in the same arena (their diets were mostly due to their stubbornness and parental fatigue), but the two tallest people in the next generation of my family are a nephew (6’10") and my middle son (6’7") (males in my and the next generation average 6’2" or so for reference). The nephew mostly subsisted on mac-and-cheese, and my boy wasn’t a lot better (but he blames the missing three inches on the salads he had to eat).

And I dealt with that by completely forgetting to take them because now I have a new schedule as well as new doses. headsmack