So...looks like I no longer have any bosses

By a strange quirk of layoffs, resignations and failure to fill positions it would appear that I not only don’t have a boss, I don’t have a bosses boss anymore.

There isn’t even anyone in my group senior enough to be my boss other than some Executive VP I’ve never seen.

Hope I still get paid.

Clearly that means you’re in charge.

Begin implementation of plans for a doomsday device now, and by the time anyone figures out that the company isn’t supposed to be making one, you’ll already be so financially committed to it that no one will want to take the heat for cancelling it.

This actually happened to me once. My boss quit and - despite the fact that she had made her unhappiness known for quite some time before she formally resigned - no one seemed prepared for it. It took a week or so for things to get straightened out.

Start looking, if you haven’t already. It probably means that they just overlooked you.

Once when I was a summer intern, my department was sold to another company, but my and my co-intern’s positions/internships/whatever you want to call it were not. All the projects we were working on ended immediately (those belonged to the new company who promptly abandoned them). And no one in the company that we still worked for really needed us for anything (they were dealing with restructuring and re-planning and re-envisioning).

It was a fun 2 or so weeks before we had to go back to school.

Are you going to start leaving the cover sheets off your TPS reports just for the hell of it?

He’s Alexander Haig redux!

I think you win the game of Life then.
At least until someone notices… or the paychecks stop coming…
But until then, You WIN!

Clearly, it’s time for you to take charge.

A similar thing happened to me shortly after I started my current (and first full-time) job about three years ago. My boss’s boss (head of software services) left about a month after I joined, and my immediate boss left about a month after that (can’t remember his title – something to do with support – I was never quite sure what his role in the company was, and neither was he, which I think is why he left).

It stayed like that for a few months – me, a lowly developer-cum-support-monkey, with the general manager being my direct superior. But it didn’t really have much effect on my work, since I’ve always had “de facto” bosses (project managers and the like). Even today, while I officially report to the head of software services, I don’t really interact with him that much on a day-to-day basis. I only really go to him for performance reviews and when my workload is too high and stuff like that.

Do you have the necessary skills and/or experience to do your boss’ job? If so, apply for it! They’d rather hire inside than out.

Dudes, party in msmith537’s cube!

No…apparently layoffs are done for my group.

I have no idea what I’m really supposed to be doing for MY job (Did I mention my boss quit a week after hiring me?) Basically here’s how I think it works. The senior management in our department spends 6 months coming up with nebulous ideas for projects for the following year. These ideas float around in various layers of management committees full of vice presidents and whatnot until they get enough funding. My groups PMO office (Project Management Office…er…office) then assigns each project to a project manager (of which I am the only one in my group) who then assigns the project to a project lead (of which I have one left and the other two sort of float around with no manager and no one to report to now). The following year is then spent “managing” the projects which as far as I can tell (I’ve only been here six months) basically consists of 9 months of circle jerks over what the actually scope of the project is until we get to the end of the year and the project is cancelled.

So mostly I do nothing all day.
I think they hired a director for the position above me. So much like my situation, they will be coming in with no boss and will now have to depend on my (like I had to depend on my project leads) to tell me exactly how everything works around here.

So basically, I think I’ll look for a new job in 2009.

Wow! So what exactly do you do? I mean, you come in to work in the morning, get some coffee, sit down at your desk and check your e-mail and the Dope.

Then what happens?

No, that’s my job!

Fine. Can you convince the higher-ups that you can do your boss’ job?

Tell them that the synergy of their paradigm is off-base.

That’ll give them a few [del]actions to item[/del] items to action!


Came in about 9:30ish

Got some coffee and a bagel in the cafeteria

The 40ish female consultant who’s been working with the old guy in the next cube with the annoying cellphone ring stopped by to say hi. I think she has a bit of a crush or whatever on me.

Little SDMB

Checked my stocks. Not too bad. Apple is up.

Watched Moday’s Sarah Conner Chronicles online…again.

Gossiped with the admin about the latest layoffs (apparently my group is done…yipee…)

Some more SDMB. Some Facebook. Yahoo.


The admin came over to my desk to grabass. Seemed to be a little freaked out by the Korn video I was watching as research for a SDMB thread (Angriest Song).

IM with my impudent cow of a project lead. Ugh…I wish I could fire her.

Applied for a Director job in a different department

I had one real meeting today to discuss whether we are moving forward on a project that has been circulating since the summer. They are going to submit the proposal (again) to the leadership committee for approval to send it to the Executive Vice President of their department for final approval. So in other words a meeting about how I’m going to do nothing on this project for another week.

More SDMB, etc

Mused with one of the other project leads about if or when we are getting a new Director.

Discovered our online org chart. It’s not up to date.

Edited this post.

And that brings us to…now