So my areas gone to hell...

I stay in quite a nice leafy place, its usually pretty quiet and peaceful, apart from the odd incursion by young and unhappy working class people.

But in the last month there have been three violent male rapes (one victim managed to get away) one guy who I knew fairly well as being a FOAF that i’m no longer in contact with. I was also assaulted myself on my way back from work, but these guys were only looking for my mobile. In retrospect I managed to get away lightly with only a few cuts, God knows what it must be like to be violently sexually assaulted.

Anyway, this has put an end to my passion for evening strolls (along the street where the assaults happened). And i’m worried about going swimming which I’d usually do after work, but its dark at this time of year.

However I’m adamant that I won’t become a prisoner in my (parent’s) home, so could anyone offer some advice? I’m already agitated as i’m usually pretty energetic and need to do something to keep active…

Sorry, I thought you said your arse had gone to hell

So did I :smack:

Well as a woman who lives in a not so great area myself I can give a few tips…

Mainly don’t go walking later at night. After the dinner hour should be okay but not later than 8 or 9.

If at all possible go walking with someone else. You say you live with your parents, maybe one of them?

You can get these neat little handheld alarms for not very much (I recall getting mine for about 7$Can) that have a loop to tug out a pin setting off a loud alarm. Very loud, I tested mine but have never had the need to use it. You can probably find it at a Radio Shack or electronics store.

That’s really what works for me. Of course I’m also lucky enough that there haven’t been any rapes in this neighborhood, though there are a lot of drunks and not a few crackheads and meth smokers… also you can adjust the times on your walk as well according to the neighborhood. Maybe you feel comfortable at later times than I put. Just as long as it’s not too late.