So my eye doc wants to give me "punctal plugs"

They’re little teeny plugs that they stick in your tear-draining ducts so they don’t drain tears away from your eyes. They’re for people with dry eye, like me. But my insurance has now nixed my Xiidra (tear-producting medication) prescription, nor will they ante up for some anti-inflammatory eye drops, either.

Plugs don’t sound at all pleasant. It sounds very uncomfortable, if not downright painful.

Anyone else have punctal plugs?

My roomie does and she adores them. I am asking my doc for them at my next appointment.

They come in temporary or permanent - if you are worried, try the temp version first.

I had them inserted when I had lasik done. I don’t think they’re permanent, at least not what my surgeon used, but they didn’t bother me. It was momentarily uncomfortable, but I couldn’t feel it afterward.


He wants to put temporary ones in at first; they’re made of collagen and dissolve after a few weeks. If I tolerate those, he’ll put in more permanent ones.

aruvqan, why did your roomie adore them? Did they do away with the dry eye?

You should always go with the temporary/dissolvable plugs first. It’s also really critical that they’re placed properly. If they’re not inserted far enough, the little tip can stick up too much and irritate your eye.

If the trial is a success, you may want to consider flow control plugs as your permanent solution:

These reduce or eliminate the tendency that some people have for excessive tearing (paradoxically, often a sign of dry eye syndrome).

Good luck !

Yes - she went from pretty much constantly using neutral gel eyedrops to once or twice a day if she was outside doing gardening.

I have them (permanent kind). They work very well for dry eye problems, and after the discomfort* during insertion I’m no longer aware of them.

*Actually the correct word describing the procedure. Not the “discomfort” that Doctors say when they want to bullshit you about the upcoming intense pain following surgery, etc.

Your words give me comfort, as well as aruvqan’s. I was uneasy that it would hurt, and skeptical that they would do any good. Well, I hope I hear back from the doc’s office soon and that the procedure takes place quickly so that I can get it over with.