So now I have G-Talk

OK< so I just downloaded Google Talk (as part of my new Google mail account). I seem to be online, but I need someone to talk to as a test.

Somebody please try to contact me at

tinsman99 at g mail dot com


Invited you, the email is the same as in my profile.

OK, so I added your e-mail to my Adium program. Now how do I talk to you? Let me mess with it a bit.

It works! It works!

Now I have to find a use for it. Thanks Nava!

I don’t know if you are using Gtalk for voice or IM, but I’ll assume that you’ll be messaging. It’s a very nice clean interface, and frankly I love that it integrates into your Gmail page. The only trouble is that most people are on other messaging protocols (AIM,MSN,Yahoo), and as yet Gtalk has little connectivity with the others.

However, it supports Jabber. This link:
tells you how to fix the inter-operability issues. It’s a wee bit of a long process, but it works like a treat. GAIM and Trillian Pro do similar things, but having your IM client integrated with your email is IMHO the second best thing Google has ever done.

Oh sorry Paul, I should have guessed by your user name what your location is! The Jabber thing will still work though, but a handy hint for Google stuff is to change the location in your Gmail profile to the US. You’ll get new features rolled out to you as if you were actually located there.

IM me on struansemail AT if you try out the Jabber stuff.

It seems to work, although the problem now seems none of my friends are on the system. Sort of like being the first person to buy a video phone. Who can you call?