So, okay, already. Is America blessed or damned?

Just a confused Canadian who needs clarification…


We are damned with the blessings of Liberty.

Or blessed by having damn Canadians as neighbors.


A little from Column A, a little from Column B…
(ETA-why am I getting ads for kitty litter?)

I’ll be damned, it seems like we are blessed most of the time. I think Canada is too.

Sometimes the box is just easier than the toilet plus you can make little castles out of it if you keep it clean.

You’d have trouble finding two luckier countries than the USA and Canada.

I mean, a banking crisis. Wooo, panic, horror.

Let me show you some places that are REALLY damned: Sudan, Sierra Leone, Haiti, Iraq, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan. Things are not at all fun in North Korea and suck pretty bad in Burma, which the evil bastards in charge call Myanmar. Things are obviously a little precarious is Georgia, are not fabulous in Cote d’Ivoire, and are most definitely the shits in Somalia.

RickJay, we are lucky to live in the United States. But it isn’t that hard anymore to find countries with high standards of living, better transit systems, better health care, better schools, less crime, cleaner environments, and longer life expectancies. I would feel a little more blessed if we weren’t torturing people and imprisoning them without bringing charges.

One of the things that I do like about our country is that I’m still free to post my objections (by the grace of the Straight Dope, of course).

Or to put it another way; using the OP’s metaphor we aren’t the damned; the damned are our victims. We are the demons, the ones tormenting the damned.

We might just be fucked.

why should it be either? :confused:

I suppose, depending on which god you ask, you’ll get an answer on both sides of the spectrum.

I think we are a group of folks going through a rough time. In the big scheme of thing, I think we have been damned lucky. But damned or blessed? Yeah, I don’t believe in either.

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You’d have trouble finding two luckier countries than the USA and Canada.

:confused:Points to location>>>>>

I couldn’t get fresh dill at the store the other day.

I don’t think America is dammed, but it must not be blessed because it seems to be the thing nowdays for people to keep saying “God Bless America.”


You’ve got that right. I recall reading somewhere that Russia didn’t have a single golf course until the late 1980s. Those poor bastards.

::shudder:: (grabs 9 iron for comfort)

There’s no Irish bacon in Iowa. Damned!

That’s because the American financial markets have caught a severe cold and keep sneezing. :slight_smile:

We are damned by future generations for all the species we have merrily destroyed. But we get the “one good man in Sodom” exemption for the few of us like Rachel Carson who stand up & speak truth to power.