So, some Jehovah's Witnesses came to my house over the weekend...

Wait for it, I’m not pitting who you think I am.

So, about 10:00 Saturday morning I hear a knock on the door. I open it to a friendly-looking older gentleman in a suit with a 20-something guy (also in a suit) standing behind him holding a backpack.

I ask if I may help them, since I figured they might be salesmen. Older guy asked for my brother by first name. I say he’s a work. He tells me that he came by about six weeks earlier and gave him some magazines. Why don’t I take some? Sure, I says.

He goes through some sort of file he’s got with him, pulls out two brochures and gives them to me. One is titled, Does God really care? with a picture of a starving village on the front. The other is called, The Watchtower. Ah, I says to myself. Jehovah’s Witnesses. I take the magazines and tell the guy I’ll look through them.

Fast forward to later that same day. My dad comes into my room to tell me that he’s going to be going to his fiancee’s house. He sees the two brochures sitting on the corner of my desk. He picks them up and says, “What are you doing with this trash?” and throws them away.

“Um, I was actually going to read those.”

“Why would you do that?”

“I don’t know, Dad. To get a better understanding of the world?”

“Whatever. Just don’t buy into any of their garbage.”

WTF? I thought you supported my attempts to better myself. I figured that if I read about them, perhaps I might come to understand their point. Maybe when they came back, I might be able to have a discussion with them. Don’t you think that having raised me to be a Good Christian Man[sup]TM[/sup] I would be strong enough in my faith to not have it usurped by a couple of brochures? How’s about trusting in your own son? I mean, damn!

My dad has similar reactions (well, actually more vehement) - he’s had major surgery and had an entire body’s worth of blood transfused into him. He gets a bit anoyed with the whole JW stand on the matter.

For whatever reason, the JWs seem to encite stronger reactions than many other religions.

I’ve got a married couple who visits me every few weeks. I don’t mind, they are always polite and friendly and sometimes they bring their young son who then plays with my own toddler. We chat for 10-15 minutes if I don’t have anything pressing to do and the world continues to turn. And I actually like one segment in the mags “Young People Ask” because the answers they give seem so over-protectively strange to me (good girls can’t be cheerleaders, good boys can’t have girls as study partners) that it makes me feel better about freaking out when my kid eats cheetos off the sidewalk. :smiley:
Funny story: last time they showed up right when I was expecting my little sister for a visit. I was nursing my baby at the time, and answered the door thinking it was her. Instead, I’ve got two very surprised Jehova’s standing there looking at me with a baby hanging off of my tit and looking like they wanted to melt into the floor. Ha!

But seriously, I’ve never understood people who react with such hostility to their methods. It’s not like they stalk you if you tell them you aren’t interested, or force you to read their magazines at gunpoint. So, did you fish them back out of the trash or what, Lord Ashtar?

Well, they were sitting right on top of the trash, so it wasn’t like I had to fish in there to get them out.

Unfortunately I got crazy busy later in the weekend, and didn’t have a chance to flip through them yet.

What bothered me most about the whole thing is how closeminded my dad was. He didn’t even want me to read them, afraid it seemed that it would poison my mind if I even glanced at it.

Was it Prince?

Say what, now?

Prince is a JW? Or is that the sound of me being wooshed?

Now I am not religious, but I like JWs. They are always friendly to me and I like to argue with them. In college, we’d have them at our place for like 3 hours talking God, asking them crazy questions, and drinking beer (well, we’d drink beer). They may judge me when they leave, but they are ALWAYS polite to my face. And some of the things they say do make you think sometimes.

Lord Ashtar, don’t let your Dad get in the way of self fulfillment. Even if the stuff they preach is ridiculous (as most of it is) it does help sometimes to know where people are coming from. And in my experience it never hurts to know about as many different lifestyles as possible, even if you don’t agree with them.

Thank you, slu. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Yeah, Prince (or the Artist a.k.a. Prince) is actually a Jehovah’s Witness. There was an item in the paper over the weekend about some Jewish couple who reported he came to their door to disseminate Truth, and supposedly had difficulty taking no for an answer.

I thought the Witnesses had actually changed their stance on blood transfusions, a couple of years ago now?

Well, I dunno.

Dad had his surgery in '85 when they were still anti-transfusion and I haven’t really kept up with the doctrine since then…