So, something I've been wondering about now for a while...

I still refer to myself as a newbie… I don’t even have 500 posts yet, I mean c’mon, I’ve got a ways to go till I’m even with Handy…
At what point does someone stop being a newbie? I’m just curious… Is there a checklist? Is there some sort of Elite Clique [sub](first rule, don’t talk about elite clique)[/sub] meeting to determine it, what?
FTR, I in no way think of myself as a veteran… like I said, I still consider myself a newbie… but it is something I am curious about…


You stop being a newbie pretty much when you feel that you are a regular yourself and contribute thoughtful things to posts. I think of you as a semi-regular, and well, I don’t know if I post meaningfully enough to actually be a “normal” regular. I mean, it seems I am posting crap lately due to the amount of threads I’ve sunken, but oh well. Just call me The Iceberg.

Newbies become regs on May 33, but only on leap years.

I think everyone is a newbie until they have an entire forum named after them. That means only Cecil and some guy named Staff are non-newbies. Which is funny, because some guy named Staff taught a bunch of my college courses, and a large majority of the labs.


Note to self: find Euty, kill euty. :smiley:

Hmmmmm semi regular… if I could get my PC working and online at home, I would try to do that whole #straightdope thing… I like a good backstabbing as much as the next doper!

Hey, Pricciar, I think I used to have that teacher in High School… glad to hear he moved on to College level teaching. :smiley:

You’re a newbie until I say otherwise, okay??

I’m kidding. (No, I’m not.) Heehee, I really am. :smiley:

You are no longer a newbie when you no longer have to ask, “Am I a newbie?”


So would getting a Mod to lock this one help?

(just kidding mods!)

Well so far this thread has brought you up to 502 posts.

From a fellow “newbie” you have to go through this whole ritual thing (then dont tell you that up front, I had to hear it from the inside) to make you even a semi regular.
It can get pretty ugly, I mean with the flaming dog poop, rubber chicken, bottle rockets, etc.and only on the full moon on the second thursday of the month n all.

I havent gotten up the fortitiude (although not testicular) to go through the ritual yet. So I dont mind being a newbie for a while.

pat, I think you have the spelling wrong, thatguy you had in college was Staph.