So, sometimes justice prevails

I collect silver coins. Last year I bought two coins off of ebay for a total of 26 dollars and some change. I never got the coins.

After several threats of legal action, the woman wrote to me to tell me that her account had been used by someone else and she was just a poor secretary and could not afford to pay me back. The problem with this story is the check was made out to her and sent to her and cashed by her.

Now, oddly, she was close enough that I could have driven two hours, put in a claim in small claims court and probably gotten my money back. However, who wants to take a vacation day, drive two hours to fill out paperwork, take another day off and go to court for 26 dollars? I let the whole thing slide. I now won’t buy from anyone without a paypal account and without hundreds of positive feedback.

Today I got notice that she is being investigated for mail fraud. They asked me for all the details of my transaction. I may not get my money back, but hopefully the bitch will be punished. I’m a petty man, but that is enough for me. :slight_smile:

It’s not petty to want people to follow through on their commitments, particularly if their commitment is “send me what I bought or give me my money back.”

If she’s being investigated by the government (i.e., not just by eBay), they typically will require restitution to you (and her other victims) as part of any settlement. So you may actually get your money back.

I think this is the difference between yourself and I: I, in a spiteful fit, would have driven the two hours just to put a wooden stake in her heart in public court.

Between this and those stupid musical-commercials, that’s why I don’t use eBay

Mail fraud isn’t petty.

Wanting her to be punished for her actions isn’t petty, either. Now, if you spent your days wallowing in unholy glee that she’s in trouble… That would be petty.

:smiley: Well, I’m not quite wallowing, but it sure did make me grin. :smiley:

Chalk one up (I hope) for the good guys! Will you be able to find out the results of the case?

I dunno. The investigater included his email address so I’m gonna wait a while and check in with him. I figure it took this long to START the investigation, it will probably take a while for them to finish.

As far as the “I can’t afford to pay you back” claim, my response to that is “Sucks to be you.” I’d file a complaint with eBay-bad apples like her ruin the buying/selling experience for the rest of us who are honest, represent goods truthfully and ship promptly.

A friend of mine was swindled in an eBay deal. Lost more than a thousand dollars. The guy who took his money apologized all over the place, and explained that he couldn’t make restitution because his son had leukemia. Much to my amazement and dismay, my friend backed off and decided to let the matter drop.

Sheesh. Even if this person does have a son, and even if the son does have leukemia, does that give Dad a license to steal? Sometimes the rampant excuse-making of American society just makes me want to puke.

Ebay had already discontinued her account by that time.