So that happened... [I won a writing award]

I won a writing award the other day! I am so ridiculously pleased, you have no idea.

I re-entered collegiate life last year, at the ripe old age of 37. My english teacher suggested a few weeks ago that some of my writing samples (journals and essays I wrote in her class) be entered into a contest for academic monies this semester. And I found out, the day after my 38th bday, that I won!

I am so so SO happy. I’m thinking of having business cards printed with the contest info on it!



Can you share the essay or whatever that you got recognized for? I’d like to read it. :slight_smile:

Very cool.

I like to write little stories about my travels.

Congratulations! Can you share your writing with us?

Bravissima! Encore!

I am wondering if I can/should post it…I gave my teacher several pieces and the two she submitted were about the right to be forgotten in the digital age and about being friends with those of a dramatic nature. I’m still rather shy about putting my writing “out there” so to speak.

Thanks everyone! I’m just so pleased I felt the need to share !

Congratulations, raventhief!

hip hip!