So, that intention guy is kinda stupid, huh?

One of a clot of anti-global warming ninnies that the dope enshrines, intention has continually brought up Senator Inhofe’s “List of 700 Scientists that Poop on Global Warming!!1”

He’s been shown several times that the list is a bunch of hooey. But he’s too fucking stupid to understand things spoke plain. So allow me to flourish as only the pit can contain.

Intention, you’re a fucking loon. A childish moron who believes in conspiracy theories and has decided to pick a side on AGW, no matter what the facts show. In this forum I cannot wish that some kind of mutant donkey that ejaculates live bees would fuck your asshole. Instead I wish that said mutant donkey would fuck a Real Doll™ sculpted to look just like you instead. Preferably on live television.

The thread for those interested.

Yeah well, you’re a tard too. But that being said, that list is stupid.

I can totally feel the electricity of our burgeoning bromance, but I must warn you, I’m not going to get a Shiatsu with you, my religion forbids engaging in pseudo-science.


Don’t worry, my religion forbids me from not murdering the godless slowly with my Qi. :wink:

Oh yeah, and we’ll add to that people who don’t know what science is, and that Shiatsu is an art, not a science, real, fake or otherwise.

As long as this is in the Pit, intention is also completely full of shit with his “distressed Obama voter” pose.

It’s kind of sad, actually. I can remember a few years ago when intention would come around the global-warming threads at least attempting to present an actual argument for the skeptic viewpoint based on a particular article or data set. I’m not sure his arguments were ever very persuasive, and even to my layperson perspective it seemed that he got in over his head sometimes when debating with posters like jshore, but at least it seemed like an effort at making an honest case, if a little muddled in spots.

Now he seems to have retreated into the full-blown denier camp, peddling conspiracy theories about how sinister puppetmasters at Wikipedia are destroying scientific reputations, and hawking the likes of Michael Crichton and James Inhofe as reliable scientific sources on climate change. There’s no real debate there anymore.

Saying it’s an art is a cute way of pretending it doesn’t need evidence. Massages feel nice. No need for magical mumbo-jumbo. Feeling nice is its own reward.

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to astral project into the past and kick the Yellow Emperor in the nuts.

Like that Brazil guy, he has persistance. He’ll hang around spouting BS as long as someone keeps replying to him. He does not care how badly he is out-debated, or how embarassingly he gets crushed by more informed posters, his only goal is to get the last word.

If they are even two different people, I think they are on some lobbying firms payroll, solely for the purpose of extending the debate in cyberspace.

It has evidence, either it works or it doesn’t. That you think there is some sort of intellectual rigor that is required when it isn’t just shows how broken YOUR mind is that you cannot accept simply not knowing how something works and just accept that it does.

He’d mop the floor with you.

Bah! Everybody knows shiatsu is worthless when Mercury is retrograde!

Nah, two completely different cosmologies. :wink:

I bow to your freedom to believe whatever bullshit woo-woo that makes your life more bearable.

Well, since I would be going back to three thousand years before the invention of Shaolin Kung-fu, my Tiger-Crane style would look like crazy sci-fi martial arts to him. He would be all, “Day-um” and I’d be all, “Yeaaahhh”. It wouldn’t be pretty. Couple that with the fact that he was likely five foot nothing, I don’t think I’ll have much to worry about.

Thing is I don’t have to believe, I have had empirical proof that it works. :wink:

And he’d be like, “Your Qi is out of alignment.”, and without moving so that you could perceive it, he’d cripple you with pain. You’d say, “Why kind of eldritch magic is this?”, to which he’d reply, “I do not understand your heathen tongue. Now stop squirming you pussy this will only hurt for a second.”

Since you are from a culture where stubbing one’s toe is a serious pain, and he is from a culture where they deal with greater pain on a daily basis. I’d still put my money on the yellow emperor.

You’re forgetting Wiccan, vagino-love-auras… and the havoc they play with nearby Chakras during retrograde motion of any of the inner planets.


Spoken just like a religious person… hmm, how odd.

Wait, why is he speaking in 21st century English if he doesn’t understand me? Is this a Chi power?

I tell you what, I’ll let you know how it goes.

To the matter at hand: we must all be tolerant and kindly, as we patiently guide him from the paths of error. Haven’t we had great success with this before? Remember all the posters who started out all belligerant and nasty, and we brought them around to thoughtful, tolerant, and insightful posters? Well, I can’t, actually, but I have memory issues, so that doesn’t count, but there must be bunches of them!

I’ve been spouting archaic netspeak lately so I’m not ashamed to trot out another one: God, you two, get a fucking room, already.

No U!


So you are denying that I have received a good massage, that I was just imagining it?

It’s funny how you guys are so into telling people they didn’t experience what they did experience. And yet you think you know anything about empiricism. Talk about speaking from faith. :wink: You’re absolutely certain that my massage wasn’t awesome.

Meanwhile, I will continue to get awesome massages.

He wasn’t you were hallucinating due to the pain caused by his awesome mojo.

I’d rather you died in agony and thus were unable to report back to us and that your major contribution to society would be as a scientific anomaly, causing geneticists to wonder how a modern strain of DNA could possibly have ended up in ancient China.

And they will continue to not be magical and have nothing to do with Chi.

Wait, is he gonna let me bang his daughter before I die?