So the eccentric gourmet that dresses like Liberace on "Iron Chef" is just an actor?

I bought into the whole story. I never knew!

Iron Chef MC

My younger sister has a copy of the “Les Miserables” 10th Anniversary concert, and she was shocked to realize that that was “Chairman Kaga” walking out with the other Valjeans.

I think he mostly does stage acting, but he’s also recently hosted a quiz show called “Time Shock 21” (no actual electrodes were used on the contestants, AFAIK), putting on more or less the same performance, in the same costume, as in Iron Chef.

I know he’s in tons of stuff, but it’s still like finding out Santa Claus isn’t real.

What? Chairman Kaga isn’t REAL? My world is shattered. I will never be able to cook live squid again. It just hurts too much.

He’s also Valjean on the Japanese Red Cast recording of Les Misérables. I can see how this would be very amusing to Iron Chef fans. As a Les Miz dork, I find it odd that Valjean has a cooking show. :wink:

You really thought there was an actual flamboyant Japanese millionaire behind this whole thing? Come on, no one but an actor could wear those outfits with a straight face!

Or maybe he is essentially playing himself. Some time ago I asked my Japanese neighbor about Kaga Takeshi’s acting career…she said, “He has been in some other things…but he is always like that. Strange.”

I’ll confirm he’s on the Les Mis 10th Anniversary DVD. We just HAD to turn it on and see if he was in it. And he is! He’s got a nice voice too.

I didn’t know that Kaga was an actor until the show was nearly over. I’d fallen for the gag, and felt like Virginia being told there was no Santa Claus.

He was also the first Japanese Jesus (Christ, Superstar). I don’t remember if that was off the IMDB or the Food Network bio.