So the situation was getting tense

So yesterday we were installing pipe supports at a refinery here in the bay area Ca. Things were going ok but two of my co-workers were getting on each others nerves.When I piped in:“Can’t we all just get along?” Then I broke out in song: “Ebony and iiivory play together in perrrfect har-mo-ny,side by side on the pyaanooo keeyyyboard baby why dont weee?”
Then I started repeating the first chorus.Then my co-workers joined in: “Ebonee aand iiivoreee play together in perfect harrr-mo-neeee,side by side on the pyaaanoo keeyyboard babeee why doont weeee !” Yep there we were three tough-guys at a refinery in the sun singing at the top of our lungs.I glanced around at the carpenters.some were smiling,some were shakin their heads…


Shamelessly stolen from Spider Robinson’s “Fivesight”: