So, they are remaking "The Bad News Bears"


Does this mean that all other conceivable plots have not already been done? That there are absolutely no other possible themes worthy of commiting to film? That there is not one more original creative thought to be squeezed from the entertainment industry?

It is a sad, sad day indeed.

Underdog sports team made of misfits managed by inappropriate stick-in-the-mud, but all triumph in the end?


As sad as I am about this, Richard Linklater is a fine director and at least has a shot to do a good job with the film.

I happened to see the original on HBO just last week, and it struck me how dated and extremely politically incorrect some moments in this movie were. Just to name a couple…

A coach knocks his son to the ground with a blow to the head…the police aren’t called.

When faced with the indignity of having a girl on his team, Tanner procalims “Niggers, Jews and now a girl!”

Something tells me these moments, and a few more, won’t find their way into the remake. I hope they at least keep the part at the end,

when Buttermaker gives the kids beer.

Also, Tanner’s last line, yelled at the Yankees is classic. It has to stay.

Doesn’t the film end with them LOSING the big game?

It does? It’s been so long since I saw it.

Maybe I’ve been influenced too much by The Mighty Ducks.

The Bears do indeed lose the championship game. However, they refuse to be good sports about it because the winning team, the Yankees, are led by the evil Vic Morrow who hits his own son on the playing field.

I don’t see why this film being remade is all that bad of an idea. The original was a fairly good movie. The sequels were bad.

Making a sequel to the Whole Nine Yards is another matter.

Man, I haven’t thought about this movie in must be 20 years.

Right now, the only way I’ll watch a remake is if they have the original cast in cameo bits throughout the movie.

Was the Bad News Bears really that original? A team of lovable long-shots go on to win a championship. How played-out is that? Of course, as far as I know, this could have been the first one. But back to my point, that Bad News Bears has been remaid already: Little Giants, The Replacements, The Big Green, et cetera, et al.

Ahem.They don’t win. Have you actually seen the original?Oh, and while we’re at it, have you seen Rocky?He doesn’t win either

Have you seen the trailer?

It looks damn funny. It will be somewhere between School of Rock and Bad Santa.
(disclaimer, I work for the company bringing you this remake)

I don’t see this as any worse than doing a movie that’s basically the same as another and just giving it another name.

Would you have a prefered a movie about a sub-par little league team who suddenly start to win called Little League Blues?

On that note, there’s also a new Herbie movie coming out.

I can’t wait for this one. Richard Linklater is outstanding in everything he does… and anyone who has seen Bad Santa knows that drunk Billy Bob plus kids equals funny.

BTW, do we really need spoiler tags for a movies like The Bad News Bears or Rocky? I think the statute of limitations on movie spoilers is 10 years max.

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