So, They're Remaking When Worlds Collide

I can’t say I’m optimistic about it.

Given that most people I know aren’t impressed with Sommers work (I’ve not seen any of his flicks), I think I’ll be skipping this one.

This has been in the works for several years. It’ll be a shame if it gets screwed up.

I’d love to see Cameron take a shot at it, but he seems to have retired from directing feature films or something. (Yes, I know about Battle Angel but I won’t believe it until I see it. :wink: )

I remember seeing this film on television at my grandparents’ house nearly thirty five years ago when I was about seven. I was absolutely enthralled. Two scenes still stick in my memory even now:

[spoiler]The small boy lashed to the chimney of the house.

The crippled old millionaire getting out of his wheelchair at the very end in his desire to get on to the spacecraft.[/spoiler]

A classic. I hope it’s not ruined with over the top effects.

The original movie has that wonderous feel of optimism. I can’t imagine this movie doing this. :o

I’m probably one of the few persons who actually read the book and the sequel.

Maybe he is concentrating on his remake of Forbidden Planet that has been in pre-production for forever. Let us hope it stays there; some movies should remain sacred.

I have as well.

Me, three (several times).

Me fourth.

And me fifth. 35 years ago, give or take, But I read them.


I wonder how they’ll deal with selecting the best and brightest for the voyage? As out of favor as that is in the US now, I expect there’ll be some real cultural ringers aboard when the ship finally takes off.

Me 6th. You can even see the book in this photo, 2nd shelf down, on the right-hand side of the left-most shelf, the big red book.

The book cases are stuffed now. That was taken after we first moved in and my husband built the bookshelves. There are now 3 LOTR gift sets there.

It always seemed ripe for re-making. I hope it’s good. I hope they incorporate some of the sequel. I always wanted to see that made into a movie.

Ok, 7th, but who’s counting? Besides, well, us.

Nope, your 7th. I was 6th. Is there anyone who hasn’t read both books?

Sorry, read and re-read them both in my teenage years when I was a Sci-Fi nut. Liked the movie too.

Um, I guess I’d be eighth. The movie is a good one; the only problem is the way-too-obvious matte painting at the end.

Also, I’m not sure the ski-jump launching ramp works quite like they think it does. But, hey, it looks great.
Do you think the remake will have Kate Beckinsale in leather? Because I’m all in favor of Kate Beckinsale in leather.

Chiming in as having read both of the books. The edition in the photo by Equipose is the same one that I read.
I think this is one movie that was crying for a remake with a big budget. It would definitely be summer block-buster fare, lots of CGI special effects and booming sound effects. Hope it lives up to my expectations!

Haven’t read either book and I don’t thing I’ve ever seen the movie.

All I know is

That When Worlds Collide BOOM! said George Pal to his Bride,
We got caught in a celluar Jam


It would have been an excellent pilot for Star Trek: Enterprise.

And the greatest 1950’s SciFi line: “What’s a bathing suit?”