So Toads are Reptiles Now, Jeopardy?

Just saw a jeopardy question on British Cuisine which stated that a certain dish with sausages is called “this reptile” ‘in a hole’. The answer was “toad”. Last I heard frogs and toads were Amphibians. So I quickly checked Wikipedia to make sure, since things may have changed in the world or biology since I went to college, but wiki said they are indeed still amphibians. So what’s the deal? It seems odd that Jeopardy would mess that up.*

This is even worse than that episode of Full House that kept referring to a tortoise as an amphibian. You expect that kind of no fact checking crap from Full House though, not Jeopardy.

*Apologies if this has been brought up before, I have no idea if this was a repeat and I wasted my one search not being specific enough and got too many hits on “Jeopardy” to check them all.

The Twitters agree.

Seems like a really silly mistake. Perhaps why they missed it–one of those ‘blind to the obvious’ things.

yeah, this struck me as odd too. also, the marine biology category seemed absurdly easy and really gave the bearded guy a huge (and unfair) leg up. that poor guy in the middle for final jeopardy was really rattled at the end when he answered asia huh?

i’ll spoiler box the specific questions i’m talking about (paraphrasing):

millions of these animals grow in the waters of antarctic waters, up to a density of 35lbs/cubic meter


daily double: this type of brown seaweed off the coast of california can grow up to a foot a day


final jeopardy: category: tony awards. clue: These two continents are the only continents where a tony award-winning play is not set in

antarctica and australia. the guy answered Asia and Australia


How did the marine biology category give him an unfair leg up? If the clues were too easy, they were equally too easy for every contestant

That was my thought. The point of the question isn’t, “what kind of an animal is a toad?” it’s “what’s the name of this English food?” I can easily see the fact checker making sure that “toad-in-the-hole” is a real food, and totally glossing over the fact that toads aren’t reptiles, simply because that’s not what the question is about.

Next-Whales-Really Big Fish.

The final was also absurdly simple tonight. I’m shocked the middle guy missed

Antarctica. Seriously, wtf!? How do you miss Antarctica!?

I had to go to Wikipedia to find one set in…AfricaThe Lion King

That made me crazy! I knew the dopers would respond to the error!

I missed the question because I was making this post!

How was the clue worded? I was out of the room and missed it. If it’s exactly as stated here and didn’t specify that it was a best play or best musical winner, there’s also Aida, which is set in Egypt, and won 4 Tonies in 2000 - not best musical - Contact won that that year - but best score, best actress, and best scenic and lighting design.

Here’s a GQ question I once asked about reptiles and amphibians that isn’t completely offtopic.

maybe not a leg up but an undeserved boon. he pulled 3000 bucks out of krill, which i think is too much money for too little trivia.

See the video here (08:28 onward):

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m not the biggest game show watcher, but I’ve missed Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune since moving to Internet only TV. I’ve searched for episode, but the one place I didn’t think to check was YouTube.

Also, man does the set look over wrought and I hate that they remixed the Final Jeopardy theme.

Thanks. Guess that put my play out, then. Still, it would have let me eliminate that continent. (Not that I got the question right…I thought of the obvious one…the other one didn’t occur to me. :smack: )

I’m a big Jeopardy fan, but sometimes the clues are wrong. Tonight’s episode had a category for British Cuisine, and the question was about a certain dish of sausage in Yorkshire pudding called “this reptile in a hole”.

The first contestant said “snake”. Wrong. Correct answer : Toad.

Except a toad is not a reptile, it’s an amphibian. How does this get past the editors?

Any other examples?

Wow… not a Jeopardy watcher but that seems like a pretty simplistic mistake to make. I thought they had stricter standards than that. That’s first grade biology right there.

ETA: Though considering the amount of questions they must come up with, it was probably an honest mistake.

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