's John Doe (spoilers)

Well, I didn’t like that at all. I was afraid they were going to get rid of Karen, since she hasn’t been on much at all recently, but did it have to be so…final? Man. :frowning:

I hoped she might come back in a later show, but I guess not.

I was hoping she was going to be getting back into the show when I saw the beginning, but not too much more. I guess it’s another motivation for JD, but still. I did like the tribute-mural thing; a very touching idea.

Frankly, I think the show just jumped the shark.

Possibly. It’s been pretty good about staying non-scifiy, a logical explanation for everything. Hopefull, they’re not gonna make JD into some kind of mystical messenger of the gods, or alien from the future, or anything like that.

That’s what it seemed like they were doing: going mystical. I hate it when shows go all mystical on me.

I was puzzled, I thought she was put on the 'coptor. Is there a body double thing going on?

RikWriter, puleeze. That phrase died an ignoble death years ago.

I was thinking it was a body double too.

I am just confused about what I saw.

What phrase?

I just saw it tonight.

When he is seated at the long table, screaming “Open the door!” the handcuffs aren’t fastened.

“Jumped the shark”

Then ftg is just plain being silly. Jump the shark is used quite a bit and I will continue to use it if I see fit.

It made a change from a cop show, but it does that periodically when some clew to his past comes up. I doubt that it will stay.

Why the double? Obviously the body was Karen and the live woman resembled her. Are they going to say they switched later?

Do any ASL people know if they are really signing?

My dumb question of the day: which one’s Karen? (Obviously I didn’t watch this episode…)

Karen(sp?) Caryn? The artist/assistant/friend/barmaid.

Gotcha, thanks…