So, uh, Idaho... d'ya hate me, or what?

I have problems with Idaho. I think the state has it out for me.

  • I was pulled over for ‘speeding’ (I wasn’t, actually), and issued a ticket for both speeding and driving in the left lane. Now, I was in the left lane, true enough; I’d changed lanes maybe a block or so before the merge so as to give the huge log-hauling semi trying to merge at 30 MPH (!) plenty of space. But okay, whatever. I was not speeding, however. I don’t have anything against it, mind you, but it busts my hide to be, uh, busted for something I wasn’t actually doing. At any rate, I know why I was pulled over: that same day I’d been marveling at how many people were pulled over on the highway (9) and how many of them were from Washington (6), before I got to that section of highway. Hrm. YYyeaah. Ok. I fought this one and won the speeding but lost the left lane. Is it easier for states to collect on out-of-state offences, or something?

  • Your tax department SUCKS. Two years running now I’ve filed on-time, electronically, with the (arguably) largest e-file software around. Two years running you’ve tried to stiff me on my Idaho state refund. Yeah, I live in Washington, but I work here and therefore you suck income tax out of my pocket. But haha! I’m supposed to get it back. So cough it up already. I’m tired of you playing the “We didn’t get the paperwork” card when even the IR-frikken-S is prompt about getting me my refund. Quit it!

  • You arrested my wife. Who had a valid (Washington) ID on her at the time, showing her MARRIED name, which is, admittedly, the same as the woman you were looking for. The physical description was totally different, of course, and my wife is 25 whereas your perp is only 19, but hey, these little things can be overlooked, right? The crimes took place several years ago (minor in possession), before she and I were married – oh, wait, doesn’t that mean that her name at the time would NOT have been the same as the perp? Hmm. Well, better safe than sorry, chuck her in the back of the car and let the judge figure it out, right? Even THAT wouldn’t have pissed me off quite so much, but your bully-boy cop had to crank the handcuffs so tight that my wife, who informed him that she was arthritic, was unable to use her wrists the next day and had to visit the doctor for it? WTF, asshole? She didn’t resist, all she did was tell you you had the wrong person. No need for the cuff-n-stuff routine.

I need to find work in another state and never let the dust of this craphole besmirch my boots again. sigh

Well, Idaho is famous for potatoes, right? And you’re mocking potatoes with your username. So yeah, I see where the hate is coming from.

But that’s all I got. So yeah, that’s some heavy-duty stuff just for that, but you never know. :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA: I never fool around in Pooh country.