So, um, McDonald's.... are ya' trying to say something?

McDonald’s is currently having a little Pirates movie giveaway- one where you get a code on your drink, enter it online, and find out if you’ve one something or another.

My friend is over right now and went on the site to enter in her info and see if she won. After filling out the registration info, we scrolled down to see something magical. Here is a picture of what we saw-- I didn’t change anything, except for blocking out the info and writing in my ever so witty (and obvious) comment. Enjoy.

Tsk Tsk Tsk McDonald’s. Tsk.

Oh and as you can see from what I didn’t white out in the top, we were trying to use my log in name, because her first 3 were taken. Then mine was taken. Then we laughed really hard at the racial slur and forgot why we were there.

That’s a racial slur?

Not a Cheech & Chong fan, eh?

“Beaner” defined.

Hee hee. Even thought it doesn’t even closely resemble my name, I have come to have the nickname Bean. Everyone calls me that. It sometimes gets mangled into Beaner. Nobody really thinks about the racial connotation, it just kinda rolls off their tounges.
Coworkers: Hey Beaner, whats up?
Me: Hey dude. Say, have you noticed the large percentage of Mexican coworkers standing behind you? No? May want to slip in a perdona me.
And then I giggle. Because it happens all the time.

Carlos Mencia uses it all the time.