So...watcha playin' ?

Inspired by the ‘watch readin’ threads…one for the guitar players (and any other instrument I guess).

I asked my guitar teacher to teach me a new song last night. I gave him a short list and invited him to choose. When I mentioned Howlin Wolf his eyes lit up like it was christmas and he couldn’t scribble down the tab for Little Red Rooster fast enough.

I am probably among the …ahem …maturest of his students so he is probably more used to requests for green day or guitar hero stuff. I might’ve just become his favourite student :slight_smile:

I played and played it last night and I almost have it down.

What are you working on?

There are a couple of Dar Williams songs I’ve been working out this evening. “After All” and “You Rise and Meet the Day”. The trouble is, I’m not very good, so it’s a frustrating process. I know what I want them to sound like, so they should sound that way, dammit!

Most recent:

  1. “One Meat Ball” (from Ry Cooder’s first album). Lots of fun to play and sing (the parts where you have to concentrate on one or the other alternate well). In the process, I learned a new lick – that little 4-note descending thing that is sometimes used to lead into the verse in minor-keyed songs (e.g., “Walk Don’t Run”).

  2. Finally figured out the chord sequence to “Secret Agent Man”.

  3. Learned the beginning, acoustic part of Led Zep’s “Over the Hills and Far Away”. That was something I often thought “Wow, it would be cool if someday I could get good enough to play something like that” and then when I tried it (in G), I discovered it wasn’t all that hard (as long as you hammer on and pull off indiscriminately).

Just recorded this the other day:|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSgZ1WwYGk

Just hit play and make sure you have the “high bandwidth” option checked on the player…

A little cheesy, but what the hell…