30 Day Song Challenge, number 26: a song that you can play on an instrument

Def Leppard - Hysteria is one of a handful of rock songs I ever learned on guitar when I took lessons as an adolescent. The main melody is real simple beginner-level stuff.

I played my man’s greatest hit on Guitar Hero once, so I nominate that.


Mary Had a Little Lamb

"White Room" by Cream

Specifically, the bass line from that.

Well, this isn’t fair! Despite having guitars, a bass, keyboards, a coronet and 2 vintage accordions on-hand, I really can’t play shit! For people without instruments, what are they gonna do?

I can do (semi-reasonably) basic 12 bar blues songs on the drums, with the occasional fill.

But I’ll go with The Star Spangled Banner on drums. Not a whole lot to fuck up there.

“Everybody’s Been Burned” by the Byrds


I can play lots of songs, but one of my favorites is Fleetwood Mac’s version of Shake Your Money Maker. It’s one of the few songs I can actually sing and play on the guitar at the same time.

For my high school senior solo, I played the First Movement of Eduard Lalo’s Symphonie espagnole. I could possibly still play it, very slowly and very poorly.

(That’s not me in the video.)

This is gonna be hard for non-musicians to answer.

I can kinda-sorta play:
Scarborough Fair
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
on harmonica

I can kinda-sorta play lead on, “Satisfaction” on electric guitar.

I’ve pretty much given up on harp, but I hope to improve on guitar in the future.

Funny. I’ll go with the same title, but Stevie Ray Vaughn’s version: Mary Had A Little Lamb - YouTube

Not note for note - that’s not my thing, and I’m not that good - but I can sell it just fine.


My voice is my instrument (although not a very good one sometimes) so I can “play” a lot of things. I sang this in a competition in junior high but don’t remember how I did. I thought it had the most ridiculous, sappy lyrics. In Googling them I realized it’s a poem by William Blake. :dubious:

The Lamb (eyeroll)

Also a singer. Been working on this lately.

(Not me in the video, obviously. Corelli’s dead. I do have a clip of myself singing the climactic phrase at a coaching, but not the whole thing.)

Lots on a harmonica…my favorite is Rocky Top.

I assume you mean the especially famous bit at about 4:45, delivered to a mirror. Man, it has got to feel amazing to be able to get behind a passage like that and just deliver it. The vocal equivalent of playing a Les Paul through a Marshall.

Are you allowed to use sheet music? If so, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” and a few others, on the piano. If not, the melody of “Heart and Soul”.

I can play a fair number of songs on the guitar, but the most recent song which I’ve gotten comfortable enough to play in front of people:

Come Together – The Beatles

Sorry but I don’t think voice is part of the OP. Look at this in context.

In a 30 day song challenge now entering its fifth month, I’m not sure we need to be sticklers for the rules.

The Grateful Dead’s “Uncle John’s Band” sounds AMAZING on the piano. When I’m playing, anyway.

Also Dylan’s “Quinn the Eskimo.” When Little Banjo (whose real name is Quinn) turned 14, he ripped the pages out of my big Dylan piano book and threw them away.