So we need a name for our backyard feeding area.

As I’ve mentioned before, our backyard is filled with animals that expect us to feed them. The current count is:

22 ducks
3 Racoons
Lots of squirrels (I’ve seen up to 8 at a time)
And many birds.

Now, we’ve grown to adore our little neighbors, and I was thinking it would be rather fun to put up a sign in one of our windows. Something like:

So, what can we name it? The _____ Cafe? _____ Restaurant? Any suggestions?

NoPreda? as in No predator.

That name is a bit decieving, as we still have some trouble keeping away the neighbor’s cats. Also, although she’d never hurt them, my dog has decided that she wants to play tag.

“Hello Ranch” which sounds friendly and can be said as “Hell-Hole Ranch” when you are feeling crabby.

How about “Somewhere in Thyme Delicatessen


Ranch De Vermin

Happy Trails

Edge of the Woods Catering