of Trash Pandas, Nope Ropes and the like

So I’m familiar with the amusing terms the kids use these days for identifying certain animals:
Raccoon = Trash Panda
Snake = Nope Rope
Ferret = cat snake
What other examples for animals can I use to appear hip and amusing?

Well, there is always the stingray, or, as it is called, “Majestic Sea Flap Flap”

I’ve seen various terms, all coming from some guy called Dave.

You can Google image search dave “names for animals”

Our raccoons aren’t trash pandas. They seem pretty well-behaved in that regard. But we don’t want them in the yard. We have a cat, and we don’t want any altercations. The other night, Mrs. L.A. was relaxing on the deck when a raccoon came up very close. She held out her hand and made nice. The raccoon took off like a shot. When I’m on the deck and a raccoon comes by, I stand up quickly and make myself big and say, ‘Get out of here! Ssssssssss! Sssssssss!’ They just look at me as if I’m mental, and eventually trundle off. Maybe I should try ‘making nice’ to see if they depart as quickly as they did with Mrs. L.A.

Always liked the skunk "fart squirrel. "

And the squirrel is known as a “suburban rat”

In honor of our Canadian posters, a moose is a metric deer.

Snakes are also “danger noodles”, a term which can be applied to similarly shaped fictional threats, like reaper leviathans, as well.

Big cats sometimes get the appellation “murder kitty”, but it’s less common. It usually carries a connotation along the lines of, “It would kill and eat me, but I still want to pet it.” An alternate form, “murder floof”, often applies to cats, but can also apply to other fuzzy-furred predators. I’ve seen “murder puppy” for wolves, but it doesn’t seem to have taken hold.

And we often refer to pigeons as “flying rats”, being about as ubiquitous in an urban environment.

Tardigrade= water bear = moss piglet

And by the way, our new minor league baseball team will be called the Rocket City Trash Pandas. Here’s their logo.

Nina de la Tierra/Child of the Earth = Jerusalem cricket

Otters are “Water Dachshunds”.

I’ve heard “tree rats”.

I was bitten by a raccoon when her children came up and ate out of the cat food bowl. The double take on one of the kittens was something to be seen.

Squirrels are “tree rats”.

Pigeons are “city chickens”.

Apparently, prairie dogs are also known as “sod poodles.” I found this out when a new minor league team decided they needed a bizarre sounding name for marketing purposes.

Beavers are vagina squirrels.

In years past, the open landfills around here would be inhabited by hundreds of seagulls, leading to the nickname of “dump ducks”

It has a different meaning in Britain.

It’s common for aficionados of the type to call pit bulls “pibbles.” Some argue that this term is a ridiculously childish diminution of a dignified, even noble animal.

Having watched our Luna prance about, gently put her head into the arms of little children, or spin in place before doing thunderous zoomies around the room, I find “pibble” to be a perfectly descriptive term.

Judge for yourself whether this is a serious animal or not.

Unless it’s a frendy snek that you can boop on the snoot.