Do you have nicknames for your pet(s)? (Of course you do.) 3rd edition

It’s been about [del]a year and a half[/del] three years since I asked this question. Feb 2013 thread. There are plenty of new members, and probably new pets in the households of old members, so pile on. If you posted before, please do so again, if inclined to.

Name of pet, species, gender, nickname(s), other relevant/amusing details welcomed and encouraged. Also irrelevant, mundane, and possibly boring details. Extra points for linked pictures. (What those points will get you TBD.)


Buddy, dog, m, Mr. B, Dr. B (the Vet’s office staff has taken to calling him this, too), The B-Person, B-Bud, B-Buddy Dogpie, the Budster
Sweetie, dog, f, Sweetie-Pop, Sweetster, Sweetie-Mop, Sweetest Dog Ever (she is, too), Dog-Pie, Pie-Dog, Pie-Mop, Moppy Dog
Max, cat, m, Maxito Pie Kitty-Baby, Mr. Maxito, Maxer-Waxer, The Divine Mr. M
EC, cat, f, EC-Pop, EC-Bake, EC-Rider, EC-P, E-Mop, E, E-Pop, Over-EC, EC-Money, EC-Come-EC-Go, Princess Poppy. At the Vet’s office, she is known as The Kitten from Hell
Tikva*, cat, f, Tikki, Teek, Rikki-Tikki, Tikipedia (when she displays her vast knowledge), TikiLeaks (when she reveals my secrets), Tikki-Pop, Tikki-Mop, Mys-Teek

*Hebrew for “hope”

I love talking about my cats. Don’t have much in the way of nicknames, though. But aren’t they cute?

Shadow (brown tabby) aka Little Girl, Little Bit, Baby Girl; Sweetie

Streak (yellow): Banana cat, Streaker-Eeker, Baby Boy; Buddy

When I was little, my family had a standard poodle named Ponch (see my username). Ponch became a nickname for my subsequent dogs.

Ella: aka EllaVanilla, EllsBells.

Kali: aka KaliBoo, Kal.

Loki: aka Loki, Loki, looooves that smokey, Loke.
all females, all good dogs.

I can’t resist a pet thread (hence my screen name)

I have one cat, Cattius Maximus, known to friends as Max Attacks, although he never does, unless you consider rubbing against your leg for a petting to be an attack. He’s a super big boy, all white, green eyes, long hair, and has an appropriately feline blasé attitude toward everything but salmon treats. He chose me as his owner by leaping into my car from out of nowhere at the grocery store.

I have Rocky, retired hunting dog and cancer survivor. He’s an English Setter, 11 years young, and is nothing but a love sponge. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he makes up for his intellectual failings with the world’s biggest heart.

I also Pepsi, mixed breed, black, medium length hair. We think she’s around 5-6 years old. My son found her running around the parking lot at Pepsi Center - thus the name. She’s my self-appointed protector and will fiercely defend me from people walking by the house (on the other side of the street), squirrels, and the mail carrier. She always ends her day by laying at my feet and ‘talking’ to me.

Then there’s my wild child, Daragan, a 16-month old male Irish Setter. He’s a foster failure. He was relinquished by a young couple who were keeping him an apartment and never taught him a thing. They were somehow surprised when he ate their couch, their shoes, and tore up all their clothing. He’s a full time job in every possible way. He’s smart as a whip, and twice as naughty, but he has the enormous heart and courage of his breed, an irrepressible sense of humor, and he is worth all the effort it is taking to civilize him. I knew immediately he’d be a foster fail when he came bounding into my house last fall with the rescue worker’s handbag in his mouth and her running frantically along behind him. We’re bonded.

Cinnamon, dog, m: Dude, Mini-man, Minicus, Min, Cin, The (short for “the Dog”)

Collectively, my goldfish were fiskies or fiskieroons.

Greta-Girl, Gretski, Pooh-hound, Hunden, Hund, Hound-face, Pooh, That-Pointy-Eared-Dog, Snoot-hound, Snooty-pooh, Hunden-doggen

王小狗 (Wang Xiao Gou). Literally “King Small Dog”, for his propensity to believe he is entitled to sit on a certain spot on the comfy couch.

Magrathea Ananke. Aka, Maggie, Maggie-nificent, Mags, Maggie Magpie, Maggie May, kitty-cakes, pudding.

Theodore. Aka Theodorable, little boy, sweet pea.

Hmm, maybe I should just stick with the top five!

Lilith: Miss Dog, Poopsiekins, Dog-Ass Bitch, Miss Pig, The Worst Dog Ever. She is our heart dog.

Bruno: Shittipus Kittipus (his late brother was Fattipus Cattipus), Nastilina, Bruno Butt, Stripey Turd, You Little Brown Butthole. He’s very friendly but a pest for attention.

Grady: Gravy, Mr. Grady, Brother, Grady-baby

Morgan: Morgy, Morganzer, Miss Morgan, Sister

Jetta: Skitty Kitty

Delilah, black lab mix, dog, female. I call her Dee Dee, which is short for Delilah D. Dog.

Shamrock (RIP), Shepherd mix, dog female. We used to call her Shammy Sham Shamarino Shamarooski Shammy Shammo Shamalamadingdong for short.

Tuco. Often called Doglet. (Chihuahua)
Drobney. Sometimes called Knob or Knoblet. (Bearded Dragon)

We have one cat, Allie. Nicknames: The Little Girl, Cuteness, Kitty, Gatita Loca.

Together, they are the Calico Monsters or the Calico Horror and the Calico Horror, Part 2.

At least, that’s how I refer to them to 3rd parties. When addressing them both, they are Little Kitty-Girls (As in “Little Kitty-Girls–knock it off!”). I also sometimes call Emily “Squeaky Toy,” since she has a voice like that.

I had to stop calling Charley things like Baby-doll or Doll-baby when I realized she was beginning to think that was her name. Charley, I suppose, is a nickname in itself; officially, her name is Charlotte, but I never call her that unless I’m doing the full name, scolding thing–“Miss Charlotte Mapp.”

Why use two words when one will do?

On the other hand…


Miss Mapp just reminded me that we call Streak “Squeaker” when he’s begging for dinner in his tiny little voice.

Thanks to everyone for the great names and especially the pictures, and thanks to ThelmaLou for doing thse threads.

My beagle/dachsund is Daisy. I often refer to her as my honey-bunny, which I often shorten to bunny, which has morphed into The Delightful Miss Bunns, or Miss Bunns for short.

My beagle/basset is Ripley. She gets all sorts of nicknames, not all of them nice (she’s not the sharpest hound in the litter). There’s Chubby Ripples. The Woof at the Door.The Fat One. PITA.

My other beagle/basset is Gracie. Not too bright, either, but a pretty good hound. We call her Wiggle Butt, as she’s always moving.