So, were you ever?

Were you ever standing on the side of a 4-lane highway? after walking for about 5 hours? And was the left side of your body kinda numb? Becasue you’d been walking in the hot sun for most of those 5 hours? And there was a ton of change in the right cargo pocket of your combat pants? Because earlier you had been busking for cruseline pasengers? Now the highway was dead? And it was getting on to about 10:00pm? And you were starting to worry that you’d have to sleep by the highway that night? Because there was no one on the road and even when there was no one would pick you up? Except that crying man and his baby? But you had to get out of that car because you didn’t feel like dealing with that just then? And now you were half regreting not taking it? Even though he wasn’t going where you were?

And then, while you were sitting there thinking about having to sleep by the highway and having a smoke to think things over with, did you see a couple lights way way off down the road? And something about them looked kinda different? So you got up and stuck out your thumb? And then a vintage VW van pulled over (we’re talking the real deal here folks), and the hippe in the drivers seat -the one with the hash pipe- asked you where you were going? And so you said Truro and got in? And then you got to talking about the party in Prince Edward Island he was going to that night? So you said you were in? And so at about 1am you pulled into a small dirt road packed with cars and walked in to one of the most surreal things you’d ever seen?And there was a huge campfire? And a spread of food three picnic tables long? And a bar type thing set up where beer by the bottle was a dollar? And an old Hippie and his wife were playing Dark Side of the Moon on the little open air stage? And everything that wasn’t near the farm house or hot boxed barn was lit by candles?

And then, while you were sitting by the camp fire talking with some folks did a guy named Lenny come up to you and offer you a cigar? And while you were gaving a cigar with the guy he ask you if you needed a place to crash (cause it was getting on to 4am by this time)? So you saud yeah, and he introduced you to the dude he was staying with who had a really hot girlfriend? And the guy (who’s name was something strange and Swiss) asked you if you had any booze cause the bar had long gone dry? And you just happened to have about a quarter pint of rum in your backpack from a party earlier that week? So you let him have it, and he drank it and said he had a place for you to crash if you wanted it? And just then some buffoon running nearby steppend on your soft guitar case, breaking your guitars neck just below the head? And you couldn’t find the guy to beat the hell out of him? So you said fuck it cause you were none too sober and fighting made even less sence at 4:30am then it had at 4:00am? So you all piled into the Swiss guys car and headed to his farm house where you had your own room, lit by candle?

So you spent a couple nights there? And then went off on a series of strange little adventures over the next couple days which involved shocking a small restaurant, hitching for 4 hours or so with no food, after not having eaten for 12 hours, no tobacco, holes in your shooes, a broken guitar and pouring rain, Nearly stealing someone elses guitar because they were fool enough to leave it sitting right there with the door unlocked (but you did the moral thing), eventually getting your guitar fixed and finally after of so much more random stuff winding up in the back seat of a beatenup Pontiac sunfire being driven by a drunken native guy with a guy pulled on you and the Carnie from Newfoundland you hooked up with while sneeking onto the Wood Island Ferry who showed you a good bridge to sleep under that night when you’d finally gotten away from the Native guy?

Man, that was one hell of a week.

This post inspired by Woodstock’s “!!” post.

Man, that was a crazy week though

My goodness Upham, where do you find the time to POST after all this?

Yeah, that happened to me once! Except the guy wasn’t Swiss when it happened to me, he was Icelandic. But the rest of it, yeah, totally!

Seriously though, cool story!

This post lies somewhere between a Douglas Adams book and a Pokemon episode.

Well, no, never had a whole week that matched up to that, oddly enough. What an interesting life you do lead. And I’m fascinated as to how one “hippie and his wife” could play “Dark Side of the Moon”. That’s pretty impressive!

Nope, never.

Well, there was this one time in band camp… :wink:

I see my problem now, I keep all my change in my LEFT cargo pocket of my combat pants. That’s why I never have any fun.

My parents told me not to hitchhike… Lets not even get started on what they told me about drugs

No but recently I was driving this guy around in my beat up Pontiac (I was drinking alot so I’m not sure) then this guy just ditched me after taking all my N*Synch tapes.

Groovy, man!

It’s amazing what you get when you plug into the search engine: hash pipe, VW bus,* Dark Side of the Moon*, campfire, Hippie, booze, guitar and back seat.

Well, I got this thread and “Guy Stuff”.

Yeah that was a hell of a good time… see what happens when i get insomnic?

Re the Hippe and his wife playing Dark Side of the Moon, it was just this guy with a knock off Strat (i think it was a Yamaha, i remember stuff like this) and his wife with a Bass. And they played Brain Damage really, really slowly. Mind bendingly so.


I GOTTA start hanging out with Upham. You’re in Canada, right?

So…Upham is really Dewey from “Malcom in the Middle”?