Where's the weirdest place you've ever slept?

I’ve slept in some pretty bizarre places, most of them when I was in the service. Some examples:
—front-end loader buckets
—dump-truck beds
—on top of stacks of AM-2 matting (big interlinking aluminum plates that are used to make instant runways)
—on top of the piles of sand in the back of snow plows
—in the cabs of same plows
—on the wings and fuselage of disabled aircraft
—on top of sandbags
—once, we were coming back from a rifle range and it was really late, so when we got to the billeting area, we just got into our sleeping bags and rolled up in shelter halves…and when we woke up in the morning, there was three feet of snow on top of us.
I have also slept in planes, buses, cars, waiting rooms, on couches, chairs, floors, tables, and once, on a 55-gallon drum (uncomfortable!) How about you?

  • Jumpseat of a fire engine (the rear-facing back seats) on the way back from a call. Many times. Something about diesel engine noise just has that sleep-inducing effect on me.
  • Seekonk Speedway during a race. Laid across the concrete bleachers they have and went to sleep. Granted, I was only 14 at the time, but I can still sleep through almost anything.


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I fell asleep driving once. This was when I was young and stupid… very stupid.

Hmm…for me it would have to be:

-in the middle of a sharing circle at an all night event for JROTC (we would share our thoughts about the night).

  • on the livingroom floor, with my homework and books in front of me, and my chin resting on my hand( put your hand up to your chin, put your elbow on the desk in front of you, and lean forward. That’s how i slept, in that very position). I slept like that for 40 minutes without moving.

  • In the bathtub. If I take baths, i get so relaxed i fall alseep (part of the reason i take showers now). I have slept for an hour a couple of times that way.

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For me, the Army gave me the opportunity to join this thread, also.

On the bench in the back of a deuce-and-a-half on the way to the range, with a load of concertina wire.

In the front seat of a gama goat (stupid looking Army vehicle) after a downpour in Texas.

In/under a pile of camouflage netting by the side of a tank trail. This one almost got me killed, when an APC headed to park there, and one of the sergeants was able to stop them just in time.

On of my buddies won the prize, though. After a long night partying. he slept standing in morning formation. For a while. Until they spotted him.

In the bleachers of a monster truck rally. I was only 8 years old, though…does that count?

My own house is pretty weird…I’m married to a musician and have a 2 year old child. :wink:

We were traveling and there was about 4 hours to wait for a train.Most of this railway station was closed at night (in Europe), so we had to lie down on a scale where they weigh shipped goods.There were no benches.Just a a dirty floor.

I’ve done my share of sleeping on the back of a deuce-and-a-half, and the 5-tons also, even while going cross country in the Arabian Desert. In Basic, I could ‘fall asleep’ during the pre-dawn road marches to the ranges. More of a stupor, I guess, but I would wake up at the range and not remember a thing about marching there.

In the bathroom at work. :wink:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

And tired… very tired, presumably…

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In college as part of an archaeological field school we spent one week at the ruins of an prehistoric Indian pueblo, and thats where we slept in bedrolls on the ground outside the ruins with coyotes yipping all night long. The next morning we found bear tracks, too.

College was one weird sleeping experience after another (the following are all “over-nighters” - I’ve had naps just about everywhere):

  • in the bed of my roomie’s pickup truck, in our apartment parking lot
  • on a couch that someone had thrown out, in that same parking lot
  • atop a bluff, sans blanket, pillow, or tent, still dressed in '70s outfits, after a party
  • at a table in a truck stop in Indiana, while stuck in a snowstorm on the way back from spring break

Where are we going?
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I once took an hour or so long nap at the bar at Hammerjacks in Baltimore (now, the endzone at PSINet Stadium). There was some metal band on stage and I just tuned it out and got some much needed rest before the headliner (the band I was there to see) played.

While on the mid-0400 watch in the Navy I fell asleep while standing up. Did not know it could be done. I had leaned against the bulkhead and popped awake after about ten minutes.

So much for security at sea!!

In front of a speaker at a nightclub. I had been up since five-thirty in the morning, but my girlfriend really wanted to go dancing. So we went. She went out on the floor, and I stretched out in front of the thumping, pulsating amp and went to sleep. I don’t think anybody noticed except for my girlfriend, who was not pleased with me. If I’m tired, I go to sleep, no matter where I am or what I’m doing. In fact, I feel a little drowsy right now… (snore)

On top of a Hummer hatch, just like Snoopy, somewhere out in Saudi Arabia. The sound of fighter aircraft overhead woke me up. That was the start of Operation Desert Storm. I’m glad the front desk left me a wake-up call.

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I have a picture on my desk right now that a friend took of me fast asleep in front of the PA at a club show.

It was during a music convention which was panels all day and shows all night for three days straight. I was zonked, but to be fair, there are very few natural disasters I COULDN’T sleep through…

I’d scan in the shot for amusement, but it’s a slide and I can’t scan a slide in, unfortunately…

I live in Orlando, so I have the chance to visit Disney quite often. I was so tired one time that I fell asleep on 7 consecutive rides, both slow and fast. There could have been a Minnie Mouse strip show and I wouldn’t have known.

With my ex-wife.

When I worked at an oil refinery one summer I went into a culvert under a road and slept for about an hour and a half. Turned out the supervisor had been looking for me the whole time. He was quite peeved.