So what are the good boards and sites for pregnancy and parenting?

It’s been something that’s been on my mind a lot lately, and I wanted to start looking at resources but, ugh, internet parenting sites, right? Revolting.

I’ve been reading Offbeat Mama a bit, since I read Offbeat Bride, and I don’t agree with a lot of it but at least it’s thoughtful and literate. Where else is good? I’m looking for informational sites as well as, ugh, maybe message boards. But I know how those are.

I like Ask Metafilter.

There is a parenting megathread on Somethingawful that allegedly has good advice (I haven’t read all 149 pages, though). That thread is too mega for someone who, like me, is not a parent. They also, in the original post, have a link to a separate pregnancy megathread. Keep in mind that humor takes precedence over anything else there, but if you’re relatively internet-savvy and have a sense of humor, you will probably like it. My advice is to read the first post in the megathread, then skip to about 5 pages before the last page and read up until the last post. Then you can go back further, if you would like more information. The negative aspect of this is that, of course, good information will be randomly distributed throughout the thread. And unless you pay to post, it’s read-only. You can also register an account if you want the ability to search and ask questions of your own ($10).

Metafilter is also good. Both MF and SA are pay-to-post, IIRC, but anyone can lurk for free.

I used to read the boards at They aren’t wild fanatics like at other boards I won’t name.

It seems like everyone has an angle when it comes to pregnancy and babies… everyone. I’m much happier talking to real-life people and finding books I like. I really haven’t found an internet place that was worth its salt, I’m sad to say. I think that your best bet is to find a smallish message board and, when the time comes, join your due date club there. It will be a relatively small group of women, hopefully without any crazies, and most of you will probably be happy to stick together in a Facebook group afterward.

I like Ask Moxie, but that’s more a blog. The Aussie parenting forums Essential Baby and Bubhub are pretty down to earth and I found helpful to find an obstetrician etc, although they are clearly Aussie-centric. I wasn’t really a parent forum person, and tend to seek specific sites for specific issues - Kellymom, Dr Jack Newman, The Sleepstore, Nameberry etc.