So what are *you* afraid of?

Okay, so I’m looking online for information regarding apiphobia support groups (can’t find any to save my soul!) and it got me wondering what kind of crazy phobias some of you dopers must have.

So fess up! If you don’t have one, I’m sure you can find one that fits you here.

What is the most difficult thing about your phobia?

What (if any) are the benefits?

Mine is snakes. In fact theonly thing I have nightmares about (which is rare in itself) anymore is snakes.

So scratch that off your Christmas list for me.

Or put it on.

I have Ergo-gymno-necro-andro-cyno-phobia (fear of working with naked dead men who have rabies).

Oh yeah, I’ll have what Eve’s having.

Thanatophobia: Fear of death. (who isn’t?)
Isolophobia: Fear of solitude, being alone. (Not alone for an hour but really alone forever.)

I don’t really think of those things as phobias because I am not irrationally afraid. But, I am afraid.

Agoraphobia - Fear of open spaces or of being in crowded, public places or leaving a safe place.

I’ve had this one for a while. The most difficult thing is finding a way to do christmas shopping. I start to have a panic attack when there is too many people in one place. Have you tried going to a mall in downtown toronto in december? Forget about it, you can barely move. It isn’t so bad that I’m afraid to leave my appartment but I don’t wander around outside for any length of time…I pretty much do what I have to do and then come home.

The benefits are (I guess) that when I do have a family, I’ll be able to spend lots and lots of time with them at home.

. . . I also have angoraphobia (fear of Ed Wood movies).

I’m afraid of snakes, like Mooch. When I was younger, I couldn’t even look at pictures of them (not photographs, pictures!) Now I can, just about… but when in India a few months ago, I saw a snake charmer and his “pets” on the street, and had a panic attack right there.

And it would be okay if it stopped there… but I’m also afraid of lifts - elevators. Not as bad as the snakes, as I can ride in them if I really have to, but I’ll avoid it at all costs for fear of another panic attack.

And oh, yes - I’m a little afraid of physical contact. I can’t stand for people to touch me or hug me…

Oh, dear hyne… reading this, I never realised before how screwed up I seem to be…


Deathly afraid of them. They are the embodiment of pure evil.

But I guess it ties in with my other phobia. I hate those guys that dress up as charactes. Like Mickey Mouse, and Fred Flintstone. I have to work up a nerve to go near them. I guess I don’t trust anything or anyone when I can’t see their real face.

I also have Ergophobia: Fear of work. There are many many people who can back me up on this one.

I’m scared of bigfoot. No joke. If I am near woods I get very nervous. Wierd thing is I don’t even believe in the creature. I try to be rational about it but the fear always persists.

I have an unnatural fear of bees, wasps or hornets, anything that can sting me. I can feel my heart racing in the summer with the sight of one.

Eek! me too. I watched IT this weekend and I thought I would die.

Well, even if Bigfoot isn’t in there, there ARE big scary bears with powerful claws and razor-sharp teeth and ravening appetites. So don’t feel bad.

Most bugs/spiders scare me (sans ladybugs and box elder bugs). Snakes and lizards are cool. Clowns scare the bejeezus outta me (and I used to BE one!). Mines scare me, too. I’m not much for heights in my old age, either. Oh, dear…I’m turning into an old crazy lady.

Me too! Actually, my irrational fear has reached out to embrace anything that buzzes. Almost had a heart attack one day when my neighbor on the other side of the fence started up his week wacker!

::shiver:: I can’t even stand to write out buzzes. Gives me the creeps.

I just know that one day I’ll end up with my car wrapped around a tree when one of the little bastards succeeds in making a home in my car. Oh yes, they are taunting me. I had one follow me down the road about 3 inches from my cracked-open window. I had to roll the window shut really quickly. Damn bugger followed me for about a mile. Not a lot of fun with no air conditioning in the Florida summer.

I’m afraid of:

  1. Bees (looks like I’m not the only one!)
  2. Going blind

I guess those are the biggies that pop into my head right away.


I guess I’m the “afraid of clowns” group too. I think Poltergeist did that to me when I was little.

I thought I was a tough guy…

Porcelin dolls. The older they are, the scarier they are. My mom has one she inheritated that’s well over a hundred years old, and I can’t stand being in the same room as the bloody thing.