So. What are YOU allergic to?

Just wondering. See, I’m allergic to:

-nickel (or so I’m told here. I can’t wear any jewellery other than gold, silver, platinum, or stainless steel)
-kiwi (I only get puffy lips. I can eat it, but if it touches my lips, it HURTS.)

Peanut allergies seem to be pretty prevalent lately. At my son’s school in Yellowknife, there were no peanut products allowed at all.

What are you allergic to?

Onions and their ilk (scallions, leeks, chives)
Peppers (green and red)

I have the dumbest allergy: Feather pillows. If I sleep on one, my nose just completely stops up. There’s no other allergies I have and feathers don’t have any other effect on me, but the result is I tend to bring my own pillow with me when I am sleeping elsewhere. Let me tell you how great THAT is - may as well get a “Goin’ to Grandma’s!” bag to carry it in.


Cats, although present kitty hasn’t given me much of a problem


Mildly allergic to Tomatoes (I was tested by my Dr. Its very mild as I can eat sauce, ketchup no problem but its a good cop-out)


Feather Pillows as well (this sucks as I love to sleep with a fluffy duvet)

Penicillin (sp?)

My mother is very allergic to nuts and bee-stings but luckilly I didn’t inherit that problem.

Thats about all I can think of…

Cats. Which pains me, because I actually do like them, and wouldn’t mind being able to own one.

  • Cats. But I get used to a cat with exposure.
  • Aspartame. (Which make those morning Diet Cokes that much more fulfulling. = )

Bleach. I can’t use it in the laundry, and if I come in contact with bleach water I’m in trouble.

I just finished recovering from my last accidental exposure. It causes me little tiny blisters that eventually pop and…
I won’t finish. TMI

I have so many scars from the episode I was actually asked if I shot up drugs.

Cats, the miserble creatures.

Cipro, most probably, as well as a host of other powerful antibiotics.
Anyone want to open my mail for me?

Penicillin. It’s been fun watching this one develop. One time I took it, I got a little itchy on my wrists and didn’t think anything of it. The next time, I got a rash all up my arms and across my back. The third time, I was only giving it to my cat. I inhaled a little of the powder as I opened the bottle (I could smell it; trust me, I wasn’t purposely snorting penicillin) and I got the rash and also got a little wheezy. I’m assuming that if I ever took another dose, I’d go into anaphylactic shock and die, but that’s just an educated guess.

I’m also apparently allergic to some kinds of pollen, but I’ve never bothered to be tested. I just put up with sniffles in the spring.

Irish Spring Soap
Cheap perfume products
Certain expensive perfumes (Opium give me a bright red rash and has the added bonus of smelling like someone vomited on me)
I forget what it’s called, but I think I’m allergic to some kind of exotic cucumber - I peeled one at my mom’s house to add into a salad and the skin on both my palms peeled off as though I had coated them in Elmer’s glue. I passed on eating that particular veggie, as I didn’t want to find out what it would do to my mouth and throat.

Just kidding!
Dust and trees, which makes the whole indoors or outdoors
thing lots of fun!
Lego-my boyfriend is also allergic to feather pillows. he can SMELL one in a house. Almost killed him as a young child.

Sulfa Drugs
Possibly Amoxicillin (I’ll have to take it again and see)
Some citrusy foods (probably not really an allergy per se, just a strange reaction–headache, feel like air is being blown out the pores across my sinuses)

Cigarette smoke and copious amounts of cat hair will give me a non-stop runny nose. I don’t consider those allergies, though.

I know someone who is allergic to gel toothpaste. The reaction? His penis swells up (widthwise, not lengthwise). I kid you not. I know you have a host of follow-up question, most of them to be asked with a smirk on your face, but I know no more details.

I used to think I was allergic to morning. I’d go to work, and I’d be fine, and working away, when all of a sudden I’d start so sneeze my head off. My wife asked me to pay attention to whatever happened that time each morning. Turns out the air conditioning turned on at 8:15 every day, and I was sitting right below the vent.

Turns out I’m allergic to dust, cats, and dogs.

I love horses and riding, without a decent dose of antihistamines I can’t even be downwind from one. Even with drugs I can’t brush them down.

Cats, we used to have three. I don’t often pet them or pick them up as having hives from head to toe just isn’t pretty.

If I ever decide I want out of this existance all I would have to do is go and clean the furnace. Can you say anaphalactic shock? I can.

Death by suffocation sounds like such fun doesn’t it?

My poor Mom is allergic to anything that lives…luckily she didn’t pass anything on to me.

What am I allergic to:
Yellow #5 - what a fun thing to have a reaction to…not a bad one…just burning stomach and runny nose.

Garlic - I think. I haven’t pinpointed it yet but I think it’s garlic…I get a super stuffy itchy nose. I deal with it because garlic is too tasty not to have.

MSG- see garlic

Cats -although I think I’ve become accustomed to the one I live with.



Bad perfume- riding the train in the morning is horrible.

So yeah, the first part of my post makes no sense.

I guess my mother did pass them on to me.

I should go home now.


Not allergic to any drugs, that I know of.

Allergic to cigarette smoke. Throat closes up, uncontrollable coughing, irritated eyes.

Becoming more allergic to pollen every year. Never used to have a reaction, but every spring, I feel a little more under the weather (stuffed nose, itchy eyes, lethargy) than I did the year before.

No food allergies, either, though dairy foods sometimes do not react well with my stomach. I can live with that.

I’m not allergic to much…

Keflex gives me hives
Kokanee beer gives me a terrible itchy rash

That’s all I’m allergic to though I think some really hot spice I am allergic to as once I had this spicy chicken stuff and my lips went a bit numb. Don’t know what it is… but I generally avoid hot foods as they bug me. Not allergies perse just that they bug me.

I’m allergic to something that professional laundrys use to finish sheets. I have to wash new sheets several times before I can use them, and when I stay in hotels I have to were full body jammies, any skin that comes in direct contact with the sheets breaks out in hives.

I also get random hives from something, not sure what. It comes and goes. Currently we’re testing the theory that it was my birth control pills. I should know in a few weeks.