So What Bad Things Is the USA Up To Today?

As I already said here, the US has done some pretty nasty things in the past.

But was it only in the past? I know people often talk about American fascism in past tense terms. Like it is a nightmare we would all like to forget.

But is it? I mean to say, is there any really bad things NOW that the USA is doing in the world, that we should know about?

You don’t hear about it in the news. I don’t at least. I know President Trump said his foreign policy will just focus on US economic interests. That outraged people, I know. But don’t they always?

Feel free to post news stories too, if applicable.


There’s police brutality. For example, in 2014 Eric Gardner was choked to death by plainclothes police during a warrentless arrest on suspicion of illegally selling cigarettes.

Our recent treatment of asylum seekers at the southern border comes to mind; keep in mind that the right of asylum is a human right.

British resident and former U.S. Army translator Shaker Aamer was abducted by bounty hunters while doing charity work in Afghanistan in 2001, then bought by the U.S. and detained for thirteen years without charge or trial in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. He was cleared for release in 2007 and 2009, but was not actually released until 2015.

During Donald Trump’s presidency, U.S. airstrikes have killed at least nine civilians in Somalia, probably fourteen (including two children).

The ATF gunwalking scandal was as recent as Bush/Obama.

The Ukraine scandal of last year also comes to mind.


Splittings families at the border and throwing kids in jail isn’t enough for you? If not, try to find the article in the Times Sunday magazine two days about an Iranian scientist lured to the US by the FBI who issued him a fake visa and tried on trumped-up charges that were thrown out by the judge. Whereupon he was re-arrested by ICE for using that fake visa and thrown from prison to prison. They wouldn’t let him out because he might flee (yes, all he wanted to do was escape to Iran) when they wanted to deport him. It was a real horror story and it was carried out by your (and, unfortunately my) government.

Also there’s that one time we assassinated the top general of another country which we are not at war with.


Thank you for your insightful replies :slight_smile:. I was looking more for foreign policy (and some of you did touch on that–thank you).

What are we doing in the Middle East? And South America? Also Canada is often crying foul, that we are encroaching on their national sovereignty. What is that all about?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:.

I’m often stricken by our refusal to assist refugees to an extent comparable to so many poorer nations - including refugees from conflicts we played a significant role in creating/exacerbating.

Not sure if our refusal to takes steps to reduce climate change fits within your expectations.

And our self-centered economic policies have greatly contributed to increased Chinese influence throughout Asia and Africa. The strings attached to that influence are not generally “a good thing.”

Trying to drag the UN into Iran sanctions after the US unilaterally pulled out.

Pulling out of the Paris Accords on global warming.

Defunding WHO

An Iranian professor, visiting his grown children in the U.S., was locked up in prison in 2017 for years because he wouldn’t spy for the FBI.

Yet another example of the Kafkaesque institution we call Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.


That’s probably over who controls the Northwest Passage.

More like Canada considers it to be internal waters and the US (and some others) has it as an international strait.

Northwest passage is probably going to big in the future. The most recent major squabbles were about fishing rights in the Straight of Juan de Fuco. But there are others as well.

Not directly attributable to US state as a national policy, but the love of drugs - especially Cocaine based substances is having an absolutely devastating effect in South America, with areas of some nations being effectively narco-nations.
It reaches the very highest levels of nation governance - but its all fuelled by drug money.

Are these more what you are looking for?

during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars we told a lot of natives if they helped the US military we’d give them citizenship here. they put their safety and the safety of their families at risk working with the US. the US then refuses to give them citizenship afterwards.

I suspect the truly heinous shit we’re up to involves poor people from foreign countries. We won’t know about the current shit for 20 years.

But it’s for freedom. We’ll be told.