So what can I do in Spokane, WA?

OK, here’s the deal:
Myself and five friends are going down to the states for a few days at the end of April. As the semi-official leader of our mini road trip, people count on yours truly to make the event interesting. You see, I’m usually the person who knows where to find magnetic hills, mystery spots, a merman on display, and other side of the road oddities. I don’t want to let them down on this trip.
So what wacked-out stuff can be found in Eastern Wasington/Northern Idaho? We don’t have the time for a trip to Seattle on this trip, but we will be going there in the late summer. (We like the idea of a six person in a mini-van week long road trip but opted to go with the three day “practice trip” to see if we would in fact, want to kill each other after a day or two)
I tried but the pickings were slim.
Please help!

Been a long time, but some things I remember include:

  1. The far-east member of Dick’s Burgers, a legendary Seattle burger joint. It was exactly 75 miles from my dorm at WSU to the Spokane Dick’s. Worth it.

  2. There’s a famous battleground south of Spokane, eagle something? Tower something? There were some Army Cavalry soldiers taking cannons west to Fort Lewis, and the local Nez Perces didn’t dig that at all.

  3. ‘State Line’ a little gambling and drinking area between Coeur D’ Alene <sp> and Spokane.

  4. Wallace, Idaho. Used to have the only stoplight on I-90. Also reputed to have the last functioning brothel in Idaho.

  5. North of CDA (Sandpoint/Hayden Lake), there are a lot of amusement parks and such-built to take advantage of all the empty hotel rooms that are left after the skiiers leave for the season.

  6. Sandpoint also has some neat little bars and such (ski town). Also, Coldwater Creek is up there, so there is shopping to be had.

  7. Oh, yeah, there are several tiny towns with famous names (Princeton, et. al.) ripe for photo ops.

How’s that for a start?


PS: Where you coming out of, Calgary? Kamloops? I’ll expect some hockey goodies headed my way…:> )

“This is going to take a special blend of psychology and extreme violence.”

Yup, we’re coming form Calgary. Big Rock Beer, anyone?

Ok, coming from a couple of former Coeur d’Alene people, I don’t think any of the Wallace brothels are still open, although it’s a cute sort of backwards town. There’s a neat EPA clean-up site out there, too, and a ski-site gondola which they keep running for downhill mountain bikers in the summer (Silver Mtn, near Wallace), I think. C d’A is a nice town, too. Very nice lake, not as cold as lake Pend’oreille by Sandpoint, and the usual lake resort town sort of things to do- boat rental, paraglide, etc. Sandpoint is a nice town- lots of cute boutiques, etc. Between there and C’dA there’s an odd amusement park with an old wooden roller coaster which scares the pants off of me (by virtue of the odd noises, etc. of the wooden construction). Near Hayden Lake (suburb of Cd’A) there’s an important (in quotes) Neo-Nazi compound (Aryan Nations). In Couer d’Alene on Sherman there is a small burger place called Hudsons which you must try as it is practically considered a historic site (the burgers are an aquired taste)–otherwise Moontime Brewpub/grill has great food. I think there is one in Spokane now, too. I don’t think State Line is really anything anymore as Idaho now has a normal drinking age (21 everywhere in the states, now), etc.
In Spokane I believe they have reopened a nice old-style 20s movie theatre-- can’t remember the name, though. Birkebeiner’s brewpub is good, and there is a somewhat sleazy bar called the Viking which has a very wide selection of beers. At the river there is a park area where some World’s Fair was in the 60’s, I think. There is a cast metal sculpture of a goat which has a vacuum-mouth set-up to eat trash (this amuses me). Also in northern Wash. is the Grand Coolee dam, which is interesting.
A start, anyway.

If you’re a fan of really horrible terrible for you fries, do NOT miss Dick’s. You never knew anything that nasty could be that damn good.

Harumph. The Viking, SLEAZY??? That’s the ONLY place to go after Chief’s hockey games.

Try Mustard Seed down in the valley for oriental food that you’ll still be craving 5 years later. Check out pretty much any of the spaghetti factory type places for the atmosphere, which is just great. Lots of indoor cars and trains and mannequins.

Head for the fairgrounds down by the river. Riverside Park has a carousel with antique horses (and oh so conveniently across the street is O’Dohertys Irish Pub!), there’s the river bridge over the falls. Don’t miss this, especially if you’ve seen “Smoke Signals.” The Park itself has a petting zoo, huge game room, and lots of other concession type goodies to keep you amused. Watch for the marmots and don’t be fooled by the rats (heh).

I don’t know if it’s still there or not, but in the main mall, there was a putt putt course UNDER the mall, complete with water hazards – and a full service bar. Lots of fun after shopping for a while.

In just about any direction FROM Spokane, it’s easy enough to find things to do. Especially things of a stranger nature. Look around for the tourist brochures. These people are PROUD to weird.

Damn, I wanna go home.