So what do you think Fight Club 2 will be like?

Chuck Palahniuk is writing a sequel, although this will be in a comic form that consists of ten volumes.

Hard to imagine what more could come after how Fight Club ended, but apparently, lots more.

I predict it will suck IMO. I haven’t liked anything else I’ve ever read by him and his endorsement of the film’s ending kinda didn’t help things any either (I thought the novel had one the best ambiguous endings ever).

I refuse to talk about it, for reasons I can’t talk about.

That seems redundant, unless you have two rules against talking about it.

What do I think it will be like? A money grab.

I mean, seriously, Fight Club made a statement, and that statement stands on its own. There is no need for a sequel. If a sequel is made, I suspect it will be a meta-statement about the movie/comic/publishing industry making unnecessary sequels just to make money. Actually, come to think of it, that might be kinda cool.

Spoiler requested.

If it’s a true sequel, the only way it could possibly work is if we are watching the fallout of what the Narrator/Tyler did, with maybe him finding purpose in trying to pick up the pieces. You have this freaking cult that has destroyed the financial system (or at least set it back heavily.) The biggest terror attack ever has hit America, and it’s by a huge cult of Americans. There is definitely potential for a good story, one that reflects on the 2000s as a backlash to the 1990s, the way the original did on the 1990s as a backlash to the '80s.

I like CPs writing in general. The one thing I do hate about it is his childish obsession with gross stuff. He can’t seem to get off of it. It adds nothing to his stories but shock value as far as I can tell.

You can read the first 6 pages of his new comic following the link below (reference to dog doodoo on page 3):

And my take on it was that Palahniuk had a great beginning, a pretty good middle, and no freakin’ idea how to end it.

So I don’t have high hopes for the sequel.

Well, it is the sequel…

Okay but first would you mind reminding us all of how the movie ended?

With a Pixies song.

I said, “What? Why?” when I saw the thread title, before realizing that I had already heard about this.

It’s following the book, not the movie, right? Because following the movie would be rather different.

The second movie begins with the fallout of the end of the first movie. After the destruction of the financial industry, several buildings and surely some loss of life, the USA reels from the largest terrorist attack it has ever experienced.

So, continuing the Tyler/Narrator duality from the first movie, the US military invades the USA to hunt down the terrorists, but ends up as an occupying army within itself. The next ten years are Fight Club writ large as the Tyler/Narrator internal struggle gets enlarged to become America fighting itself. The events in Afghanistan and Iraq get replayed within the US.

But I, like the author, can’t write a good ending, so let’s just say that…oh, the Narrator becomes President. The end.

Maybe the Tyler character won’t be in it at all. The Fight Club idea will become a slowly creeping phenomenon that spreads from the leftover members to other cities and other countries, retaining the initial dogma and mutating it to fit the environment. The Saudi Arabian version involves chopping of hands, the African version ritual scarring, and so on. Each version will somehow ironically preserve the prevailing zeitgeist, like using FB and Instagram, and then deny Fight Club exists.

From memory of watching it one time several years ago: The Narrator shoots himself and winds up killing the part of his brain that holds Tyler. His girlfriend comes in and freaks out thinking he’s gone (more) insane, but he claims he’s all better now. They both hold hands as Project Mayhem comes to fruition and all the banks and such blow up all at once, supposedly resetting everyone’s credit score to 0.

If you want higher levels of accuracy, here’s a script excerpt:

And, yes, I left in that last paragraph because of the penis. Because CP.

Those sequels tend to fall into two categories: retell the original story with new characters (or even the same ones) and more money, or continue the story in some unsatisfying way. i’m guessing we’ll get category one for this one.

Project mayhem succeeded, and Tyler Durden is (theoretically) dead.

How could there possibly be a sequel?

I predict there will be very little fighting and a lot of clubbing.

Just found this link - Chuck has revealed some details: