So what does a texan got to do to get a "New York" style hot dog?

I know there are various websites out there. I’m just looking for sugestions.
For some reason the franks that you need to make one aren’t sold in grocery stores around here.

All-beef frank. Kosher preferred.

Natural casing is preferred, but not required.

Deli mustard.


Decent bun.


The hampsters are eating my posts today…

Shofar, Hebrew National and Nathan’s all-beef franks. Shop somewhere other than HEB and you’ll find them. Or try Ballpark deli franks…they have a nice garlic bite to them.

You can get Nathans and Hebrew National at HEB stores. The problem may be that there aren’t alot of HEBs in Dallas.
However, if you want a good Chicago style dog in Dallas, you need to go to Wild About Harrys at Knox Henderson. Just make sure to save room for the frozen custard.

No, no, no. You’ve all got it wrong.

It’s not about the type of hot dog you get.

If you want a true New York Style Dog, the only place to get one is in New York City. By a street vendor who’s had those puppies sitting in his cart in semi-boiling East River Water™ for the past several months.

And this comes from a person from Philadelphia where, by the way, comes in a close second when it comes to the best Tummy Torpedoes so, yes, I’m an expert.

Have 'em shipped from Gray’s Papaya like in that stupid movie with Matthew Perry.

Original Nathan’s on Coney Island remains a Mecca for me. I’ve only eaten Nathan’s from the grocery store or non-Coney-Island take out places.