So what does banned mean,anyway?

I’ve noticed a few times that people that are banned are still posting with their user names and “banned” beneath it.
What goes?

Add me to the curious. If a poster is banned, how come that person still posts, how long are the ban periods, and are their examples without naming nanes) of situations where banning happened?

Sorry, everyone. I missed checking "without naming names. It’s getting a little late in the evening for this wolf’s brain …

A person’s posts aren’t deleted when they are banned. You are seeing posts they made prior to being banned.


And as far I know banning is permanent(sp?). At least until the person in question gets a new Hotmail (or other) account and re-ups on the SD. Hopefully by then they’ve learned their lesson and if nothing else don’t continue to be jerks.

A few clarifications: First of all, for the worst offenders, we do occasionally delete all of their posts, but this is rare, since that also kills all posts to threads they started, and we don’t want to hit innocent bystanders.

Secondly, it is possible for a banned person to apologize, make amends, and get unbanned. It’s rare, but that probably says more about the sort of folks who get banned than it does about the administration. However, if a banned person finds a way to come back without asking permission, then they will be found, and we will take steps to ensure that their stay is a short and unpleasent one.


Speak, O Confused One. What is the source of thy confusion? Yea, verily, we shall endeavor to clarify, but hey, we’re not mind readers, ya know. :smiley:

Chronos said:

I wouldn’t be so sure of that. I’ll bet you have a FEW banned posters who come back under other identities bearing no obvious connection to their previous one, make no obvious references to their previous identity, and nobody ever twigs. Of course, you probably don’t really care then. Most of the time, the people being banned seem to be such exhibitionists, and so in love with their objectionable online identity, that they make it incredibly easy by just picking up where they left off.

It becomes a philisophical question, doesn’t it? If a banned poster comes back and doesn’t betray themselves, are they really the same poster?

It had me confused too. Tech-Mex had a post to this thread that was there a minute ago and then vanished. It said something to the effect “What about cncrt*?”

I guess there’s some names you aren’t allowed to mention.

Didn’t Romeo answer that with the rhetorical question “What’s in a name?” Or was that Juliet?

Or maybe it was Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee talking about a person who had several nicknames? ::sigh:: Where’s my Cliff’s notes when I need them?

A little off topic…

I know that we try to avoid mentioning banned posters to avoid giving them the extra publicity, and all, but something Chronos said piqued my interest.

If a small group of posters have been unbanned, would it be possible to see a list of them? :slight_smile: I know, it’s trivia now. And I wouldn’t want to dredge up junk that’s best left buried. But I find some of the stories to be utterly fascinating - what did Person X do? If they’ve been reaccepted into the SDMB society, then presumably they’re not viewed as horrible, nasty people anymore, right? So who are they and what’s the source of their redemption?

Every once in a while we ban someone by accident. Usually that happens when we have a poster that through no fault of their own gets associated with a group of problem children – they use the same computer lab, they work for the same company, they share the same tiny ISP or, as in one difficult situation, they signed on to the SDMB from the same free access computer terminal as someone who had been a big PITA and caused us quite a bit of work.

We don’t mean to throw the good out with the bad but sometimes it does happen and when we are apprised of the situation we fix things as quickly as possible. In the case I just mentioned above, it took several weeks to discover the innocent poster read the SDMB over his coffee and had no clue that someone before him had poisoned the well, so to speak.

More often what happens is that someone gets off on the wrong foot here – they make some major mistakes coming in, maybe compound it with losing their temper, creating a scene. Sometimes they don’t understand all the forum rules and do things that we find unacceptable (for instance, they have a business and they advertise for that business in their postings, to name one of the more common offenses).

We throw them out, they calm down, reconsider and ask to be readmitted. In most cases we let them back in, they go forward and sin no more. When that happens we tend to forget even who they were, if they cause no further incident they’re members in good standing, who cares what went before?

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Fair enough. Thanks, Ms. Diva.