So What Else Does Mother Jones Have Up Her Sleeve?

You know that “Middle East policy” covers a rather broader swath of issues than just “what’s up with the Palestinians?”, right? And that the fact that a policy [arguably] doesn’t work doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist?

Bin Laden has very little to do with Palestinians, but he has rather a lot to do with “Middle East policy” (or did until recently, anyway).
Maybe you forgot what you were talking about.

I can’t wait until they release the bit where he illustrates his policy on taxation by producing a mallet and a kitten.

To me this is the amazing thing about this election. The Obama campaign has taken the burden of their candidate being the guy who is “different” and turned it around. They’ve successfully presented Obama as the normal guy and put Romney on the defensive as being the candidate who’s “not one of us”.

I disagree with this. He thinks he’s owed the Presidency because he and his friends have spent so much money. It probably never occurred to him that a billion dollars could be spent on a losing effort.

“Moochers” I can see (however vehemently I may disagree with the characterization). However, in my view, “grifters” connotes someone who is actively committing fraud.

How did that word get into the conversation, I wonder?

Ok, fair enough. Upon re-reading the thread I noticed that starting point was different.

What I was referring to (in fact, thinking of) is when Romney says: “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Will ‘Remain an Unsolved Problem”

Sorry for confusion.

Now, care to comment Obama’s achievement in this special, narrow category of ME issues?

A yesterday when Collier’s Weekly ran collar ads. Sadly, today the popularity of washing machines and air conditioning has made the dickey with celluloid cuffs and a detachable celluloid collar a thing of the past. A past so distant that very few Tea Partiers even remember it.

Because you can’t ask bin Laden if he’s better off now than he was 4 years ago. :smiley:

This lemon is getting squeezed so hard there will be nothing left for 2016.

You must’ve forgotten about Bush and the aircraft carrier. Really, this is nothing.

I somehow doubt that the 2016 Democratic Party candidate will be running on an “I signed off on the go-ahead on the bin Laden takedown” platform.

Not likely it’s going to be useful in 2016 in any event.

We got Bin Laden without torture, notwithstanding the oh-so-grave warnings of the neo con hero Dick Cheney. Instead of reaching for the pliers, the Obama administration used old fashioned detective work. When the evidence was shaky during the Summer of 2010, Obama pushed for more information – all without leaking sensitive material to the media pre-election. No color-coded nonsense for this administration.

Meanwhile, back at Al Q HQ, Bin Laden suffered extensive personnel losses and worse the destruction of his brand. It seems that the Obama’s administration’s decision to consult with professionals and tone down the color coded nonsense was having an effect. Bin Laden even tried to change Al Qaeda’s name – that’s how much the Obama Administration’s low drama efforts hurt them.
Anyway for you kids following at home, here’s a tip. When an organization attacks, conservatives like George Bush respond by… turning around and attacking someone else. That is not a good strategy.