So what exactly is a "Bruce?"

As in “Robert the Bruce.”

I’ve seen his name written with and without “the.”

I understand “Richard the Lion-hearted.” That epigram, truthful or not, is meaningful.

But what’s a Bruce?

Robert was the chief of the Bruce clan as well as being king. Therefore, he was not just one of the Bruces, he was THE Bruce.

That’s apt to cause a bit of confusion. Mind if we call you “Bruce” to keep it clear?


A parallel is when Hamlet introduces himself as “Hamlet the Dane”. He’s not explaining to everyone there (they’re all Danish themselves, anyway) what they already know – he’s saying “Hamlet, the real King of Denmark”, only in a way that Claudius can’t prove that’s what he meant.

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Never mind these accurate historical references - a ‘Bruce’ is a person of Australian origin!

I saw this on a Monty Python sketch, so that easily outranks any previous meaning…

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– Uke, who cannot be accused of being a Python nerd as long as no one recognizes he’s quoting Python

Uke - aren’t you the Bruce in charge of the sheep dip?

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'ellO,Bruce (brs), Stanley Melbourne. First Viscount Bruce of Melbourne 1883-1967.
Australian politician who was prime minister (1923-1929) and a delegate (1933-1936) to the League ofNations.
'ellO,Bruce (brs), Sir David. 1855-1931.
Australian physician and bacteriologist known for his description (1887) of the bacterium that causes undulant fever, or brucellosis.
Aye,Bruce Scottish royal family, descended from an 11th-cent. Norman duke, Robert
de Brus, who aided WILLIAM I in his conquest of England. In the struggle following the death of MARGARET MAID OF NORWAY, the Bruces claimed succession to the Scottish throne. Robert the Bruce was a claimant in 1290, rivaled by John de BALIOL. His grandson was the famous Robert the Bruce, ROBERT I of Scotland. Edward Bruce, brother of Robert I, was crowned king of Ireland in 1316. The young son of Robert I succeeded him as DAVID II. He was succeeded by his nephew, ROBERT II, the first STUART king.
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In much the same way as the King of Norway is referred to as “old Norway” in that play.


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Bruce was the really cute priest I e-dated.

Thank you for asking.

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Certain Irish poseurs who fancy themselves as their clan leaders or somesuch style themselves “The O’Donnell”, “The O’Grady”, and suchlike. The government and other bodies don’t have much time for this sort of carry-on, and The O’Grady, if rumour has it, receives letters addressed to Mr. Theo Grady.