So what exactly was the relationship between King Kong and Ann Darrow?

So I assume everyone knows the story. While filming a movie on Skull Island, actress Ann Darrow meets a 25 ft gorilla named Kong and they develop feelings for each other, they go back to New York and yadda, yadda, yadda, he gets shot off the Empire State Building.

So what exactly is their “relationship”? Obviously they can’t be “boyfriend and girlfriend” because Ann’s a human and Kong’s a giant ape. Is Kong like her “pet”? Is Ann Kong’s pet? Is it something more akin to a trainer and a favorite rampaging circus elephant?

if i remember correctly didn’t the natives on the island offer her up as a sacrifice to kong but and her voice calmed him down or some twaddle like that ? so something along the trainer route

Kong is a stalker/abductor and Ann suffers from Stockholm Syndrome.

She doesn’t develop any feelings for 1939 Kong . She’s scared shitless of him the whole time.

Absolutely. She spends the entire movie screaming and expresses nothing but fear toward him.

Speciesist. They certainly could be girlfriend and boyfriend. But the whole hostage dynamic means there couldn’t be a consensual relationship.

Ann was dinner and Kong was waiting for her to fatten up a little.

Only if we assume that Kong is full on sapient, as otherwise it’s just bestiality. Or, in other words, if he’s not sapient, he would be incapable of informed consent.

For like 45 minutes I had no idea WHAT was going on in the TV in the other room. All I heard was Niomi Watts screaming and panting like some sort of porn movie. Then I poked my head in and was like “oh, it’s just King Kong.”

“Oh, no, it wasn’t the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast. But…also the airplanes. And possibly the fall too.”

Not the fall. T’was the sudden stop killed the Beast.

In Philip Jose Farmer’s After Kong Fell, there is long speculation on this and even speculation on whether Kong (only 20 feet tall in the story) could have engaged in sex with her.

As I recall, he did the math. :grimacing:

Yeah, he cited the size of an average gorilla erection and scaled that up to 20 foot tall Kong

I, for one, have giggled. Good one.

Yeah, I always looked askance at the whole Kong having a crush on Ann thing. I mean, picture a chihuahua trying to have great dane puppies. Ick.

In the '70’s, there was a remake of King Kong with Jessica Lange playing the Fay Wray role as Dwan. The producer was Dino De Laurentiis, who supposedly discussed a possible sequel in a thick Italian accent on some talk show. “I think about this. Maybe I no do. But maybe Konk come back, and he come crazy bad. And Dwan come up to him and say, “Hey Konk, remember me?” And Konk pick her up and smile. And then, WHOMP! He eat her. You like?”

I read that last bit somewhere in the Golden Turkey Awards, back when dialect humor was still a thing.

See Timmy, when a giant ape and a woman love each other very much…

It’s like Jessica’s affection for Roger: she makes him laugh. (Naomi Watts version)

If you read the wiki on the movie I believe there is an inconsistency in Kong’s size and height that allegedly the creator did on purpose. In some scenes he is very obviously larger or smaller than others, either that or he was just covering his ass.