So what happened to Keir Dullea after 2001?

Say “Keir Dullea” and most people who know who he is will think of his role in 2001: A Space Odyssey. But what happened to this actor after the movie? He seems to have disappeared. I know of his short appearance in the awful sequel 2010, and once came across an audio version of an Arthur C. Clarke book read by him. But did he do any movies, work on the stage?

Furthermore, was his acting considered truly bad by people in 1968? I heard somewhere one critic made the quotation “Keir Dullea, gone tomorrow.”


He made some impressive acting performances leading up to 2001, after which he acted off and on in the odd film. Nopthing much of note though.

A little bit about Keir Dullea,+Keir

I remember his turn in The Starlost, a TV series that came not long after 2001ASO. And I saw Full Circle, but don’t remember anything about it, except that it was based on a Peter Straub novel.

Years ago I met him very briefly at a convention. He looked very young for his age, and rambled on about how much he loved Yoga, and how that kept him young. I said that I liked him in “David and Lisa”, and he seemed quite delighted by that.

I don’t think he’s a bad actor—he was good in “David and Lisa”, anyway.

I’ve always heard that he’s been busy on the stage since 2001. Actors don’t have to be in movies or TV to be working.

he was Assistant Director of Hatcheries Thomas Grambell- father giggle, snicker of John Savage