So What Happens to Truman After the Truman Show?

So my biggest complaint is that The Truman Show missed an opportunity to really explore what happened to Truman by ending the movie when it did. Do people think Truman just easily adapted to the real world? That’s doubtful. Of course he is a celebrity, but also a sudden realization that everyone was watching everything about you. Then of course the environment he lived in was pretty antiseptic, his naivete would be a huge problem.

Sylvia was running to meet him, and presumably would work to integrate him into the real world. I got the impression that they might eventually live in a small town.

Because there was nobody looking out for him when he left, he was struck and killed by a bus almost immediately.

He was unable to adjust to the real world and his mega-fame. Within a year, he signed for a new contract to return to the dome and TV show, with some minor conditions.

Ultimately, he raised children who were never told they were a TV show.

How hard would it be to have people with mini hidden cameras follow him around wherever he went?

After failing to find a place in “real” society, hounded constantly by fans, stalkers, detractors, producers, and paparazzi, Truman runs out onto the freeway and gets hit by a cement mixer. Only in death does he find any peace.

Truman spends a few years doing the celebrity shtick, but his popularity eventually wanes and he is ultimately reduced to doing gay porn just to have a camera pointed at him.

ETA: better yet, since vaccinations are unknown in Seahaven, Truman eventually dies of measles.

Suicide. Going from finding out you’re the most important person in your world to being just some guy breaks him.

Surely he’d go to Fiji.

Sylvia meets up with him and takes him in. He is then inundated with offers from employment lawyers offering to sue Christos and the production company for back wages owed - at Equity scale - for the entirety of Truman’s life up to the time he left. Truman ends up owning the studio dome, which gets turned into a theme park.

He also writes a bestselling book about what it was like to be him from his perspective, and then another about life after the dome.

And he and Sylvia travel. A lot.

Ran for Vice President. After the President died in office, became President himself. Nuked Japan (his Nielsens had never been high there.)

Unfortunately, in the Megacorp dominated future world of the Truman Show, environmental catastrophes have left most of Fiji flooded under three feet of water. :frowning:


Rumors are that it wasn’t suicide. Although they found his body at the base of Coit Tower, police suspect that he may have been murdered by local San Francisco identity Ed ‘Eddie’ Pekurny. The case remains open I hear.

He finally gets to exercise true “free will” and all that that brings. Rather than the illusory free will as granted by a guy in the sky.

Doesn’t really matter what he actually did.

He and Sylvia meet and travel to Fiji where they spend some time together. He avoids the limelight and any traditional commitments such as a corporate job and marriage.


Things not really working out with Sylvia, he settles down into a relatively lackluster job in a bank… then he finds a Mask…

Actually, everything turned out pretty well.

Either that (or, IMO, the platform on the other side of the door collapsed and he plunged to his death), or, now that Truman knew there was an “out there”, the concept of the show changed to The Truman Show World Tour.

He never got out. He* thought* he did, but he just stepped out of a smaller bubble into a bigger one. We are all in it, and we are entertainment for the Rigelians.