So...what if the Weds coup attempt 'succeeded'?


Let’s say they broke down that last hallway and got access to the House of Representatives and put them on a quick show trial etc and let’s say they kill 100 - 90 Democrats and 10 Republicans including all the seniority Democrats like Pelosi.

Let’s also say they find the Senators and, before they get counterattacked, kill 40 of them including Mitch and Romney.

To make it more, ahem, interesting, say they found Pence in a secret secure room and kill him as well.

What would happen do you think?

I have no clue but I have a feeling it would be…bad (understatement intentional). I would really like peoples’ thoughts on what would happen.

Ammosexuals would post on message boards and group chat forums:
“Proof that a good guy with a gun will stop a bad guy, whether they have a gun or not.”

There’s another thread very similar to this one, “So what would have happened after 1/6 had the riot been successful?

The other thread is pretty much exactly the same, so I’ll close this one.