So what IS FM 1 and FM 2 on your car radio?

I looked through my car’s owner manual today but I couldn’t find any information about FM 1 and FM 2 on my car radio. It’s about the third car I have owned with this feature and I still don’t know what the hell it means. So would someone please enlighten me?

I my car it lets me have two sets of FM pre-set stations. If I press FM-1, I get one set of 6 stations, and if I press FM-2, I can have a different set. I travel to another city frequently, and have FM-1 for my hometown and FM-2 for the other one.


My last car (Mazda Protege) had FM1 and FM2. I used the FM1 stations (five of them) to program local DC stations, and the FM2 for Philly stations, since I travel there a lot.

My present car (VW Golf) has only one FM setting, and all six stations on it are used for DC stations. Half of the AM stations are Philly ones, though, since I can occasionally tune them in down here and listen to sports.

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Yep, more presets.

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. It’s a way of getting 12 presets but only using 6 buttons.

If you’re old enough you’ll remember push-button presets (this is the origin of the computer term “radio buttons”). You’d set the dial to where you wanted it, then pull one push button out and press it back in to set it.

A little later, somebody figured that they could squeeze an extra set of presets by making you push more than one button (this feature was short-lived because it was competing with more modern computer-controlled car radios). If you had, say 5 buttons, that would be 5 stations there, but then you could set 1+2, 2+3, 3+4, 4+5, so you could get 10 total.

I personally use my second set of FM presets just as an extension of the first set, with one repetition so that when I am on “preset scan” I hear my favorite station twice every go-through, to cut down on the chance of missing something good.

FM1, FM2, FM3, and FM4 here. Car: 1996 Peugeot 306. Stereo: Sony Radio/CD-Player.

More presets it is. I only use the first band though.

I knew that math didn’t look right. You could get 9 with the multi-button thingy.


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Why, thank you. Even though it has just one FM band. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I bought the new nissen frontier. Man is it nice. A five seater pickup that drives and rides like a car. I truly love it.

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These guys are messing with you. FM1 is for stations that broadcast on odd numbered days of the month. FM2, of course is for those stations that broadcasts on even numbered days.

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NissAn…I also love this pickup because it has the six cylinder 170 horse engine. Bit of a gas hog but runs like a top.

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