So what IS the best email service

Inspired by this thread:

What is the best email program? A few words why, if you are feeling it.

I’m currently using Gmail but am considering other options.

First off, there’s a huge difference between an email provider and an email program. And as at least two posters pointed out, Gmail works fine as a provider. You just need to use a real email client instead of Gmail’s web interface. Using a web interface for your email is like trying to drive a go-cart on the interstate.

Not to mention that with an email client you’ll have access to the emails you already downloaded even if you don’t have a connection at the time. There’s been many times I would have been screwed if I’d had to rely on the web to read an older email.

My email is provided by my ISP. I have Outlook at home that works great. I have my email client on my Samsung phone setup to download the email from Comcast as well.

I don’t understand the problems people have with email.

The problem with using the email provided by your ISP is that sooner or later you are going to move–and it’s a big pain to get dozens or hundreds of correspondents to change.

OP: are you willing to pay?

Maybe, but you can set up your Outlook client and your phone to download gmail email just as easily.

If you pay for your own domain name, then you could keep that known to your correspondents while switching around email providers if needs be.

This is what I do and I never have a problem with Gmail. There are other desktop email clients too but they have fallen out of favor as more people tend to use web-based email clients.

Nothing wrong with Gmail as a mail service, it’s the client that everybody is complaining about.

It depends on the cost but I would consider it.

I have my own domain for email and have for a very long time - I got tired of my email changing every time I changed ISP (or the ISP was acquired and changed names). I have it hosted by Gmail since I find the spam filtering far superior to the previous hosting services. Plus I can use the Gmail app on my work computer (outside mail servers are blocked) during the day.

This is what I do. I buy email service from FastMail, mostly because I started before Gmail was so common, and my ISP’s spam filters removed a lot of mail that I wanted to get. (There was eventually a class action, and I think I won 20 cents or something. But I also was screwed trying to organize an event because no one outside the US could email me, and I didn’t know that.)

FastMail has served me well for many years, and it’s not very expensive, and everything is set up to use my domain. So I’m inclined to just keep using it. But if I were starting from scratch, I’d probably use Gmail.

mail client? I use Mac Mail on my laptop, and K9 on my phone. Both are fine. There’s also a web interface that I rarely use, but if I’m on my phone and want to look up something old, I might.

I use Gmail as my provider, and Thunderbird as my desktop email program. I used to use Outlook but it had too much of a mind of its own. Thunderbird is much more reasonable about doing things that I want it to do.

I use Thunderbird on my net-book. Yeah, it’s a fine client.

Dumb question, since I just use Gmail’s web interface: if I use a client such as Outlook or Thunderbird on my own devices, I can presumably still use the Web interface to read my email when I’m at a foreign computer, right?

(Yeah, I know, an almost obsolete question, given smartphones. Which I don’t have one of yet. I’ll probably break down and get one soon. :))


It depends a little on which interface you use and how you set it up. But absolutely, with most set-ups (including the ones I use) that works fine.

Another yes. I access my home Gmail through Thunderbird when I’m at home, but when I’m at work I access it through Gmail’s web interface.

It gets made fun of for some reason but I have used Yahoo mail since they first started to provide it (20 years ago?) and I am happy with it.

Hate to “go with the flow” but Gmail is really the best. a lot of options and add-ons, intuitive interface…what’s not to like?!

Gmail is still the best, but it’s taken a bit of a usability hit with the new update that loads like an app. Still don’t know of any other webmail client I would use instead.