So, what made you smile today?

It’s 5:44 pm at my locale and the sun has not set yet. Yay!

Reviving this thread because I love it.

We have a super-cute little cat, Lizzie. She’s a teeny-tiny young adult who is kind of wired all the time. Like she’s very affectionate, but she doesn’t ever settle down- she’ll roll and march and headbutt while you’re petting her and then run off to play. She was returned for being too active and kittenish, but we all adore her for it. When there are too many strangers around, though, she vanishes under the desk, which has made it harder to get her adopted. So, since it’s Saturday and we expected it to be busy, we kept her in her cage today and made her a sign that had some vital stats and said “please feel free to open the door and pet me- I love attention.”

Well, a mom and kid (about 5-6) came in to look at kittens and donate and the kid was JUST like Lizzie- chatted nonstop, spouting things she had learned about how to take care of a cat and observations about everything. And when she met her, after having seen a bunch of others (including baby kittens), it was absolutely love at first sight. The kid lit up when mom read out the sign- “I am adoptable…” “REALLY? You mean we could have THIS ONE? Please, mom, this is the one! Can we have her?”
A few minutes later, they were filling out paperwork. The kid informed us that our adoption fee was very reasonable and recited her mom’s phone number, which she said we should memorize in case our cars ever broke down. Then, she gave us the jar of money she had saved and raised ($45) for the shelter animals and told us we should use it to buy them treats, but they could only have one a day per animal. We were all grinning by the time they left- a kid and a cat, obviously two parts of the same soul.

Aww, thank you. I had a tough afternoon (on endless and unsuccessful hold for customer service on and this made me smile, which I needed.

Wow! Fantastic! Thanks for that. :heart_eyes_cat:

My four year old grandniece explaining how to make “slime”.

“The first thing you put in is glue. Then you add the secret ingredient.”
“What’s the secret ingredient?”
“More glue.”

Great story!

I had kind of a shit day, but my girlfriend had an epic day, so that made me smile.

Beautiful story. A lovely child meets her new best friend and takes her home. Thank you for sharing. This story made me smile.

My big boy, Huck the Great Dane. He leaned into me as I was giving him some loves and almost knocked me over.

I found this video. Old Movie Stars Dance to Uptown Funk - YouTube :sunglasses:

Planting out onions, in good soil conditions, on a nice day, with the help of a friend.

Hickory Dog and a phone call.

A fluffle of baby bunnies interacting with an annoyed robin.

I always wondered what the collective noun was for bunnies. :+1:t4:

The act of a doe (female rabbit, the male is a buck) giving birth is kindling, and individual baby rabbits are kits or kittens, a fluffle when it’s a group.

Awww… I love that…

A pair of swallows came back to my barn.
My barn burned to the ground (lightning strike) late last summer, before all the swallows had left. There were a couple dozen, mostly the young of the year. I was so worried they’d been burned up, or if not, so traumatized they wouldn’t return, or if they returned, wouldn’t stay because the new barn has no old nests in it.

Just one pair, but it’s a start.

Yay. Reading this makes me happy.

So every time anyone asks what we need at work, like when we’re ordering supplies, my co-worker throws “a ten-pound bag of gummi bears” into the list. “Pill pockets, vinegar, batteries, two-pocket folders, a ten-pound bag of gummi bears, and kitten bottles” or whatever it may be.

She does the same when I ask what we need as far as wish list items. When we’re really low on something, I’ll post on social media asking people to donate that thing. So when I went to make a post asking for bleach and laundry detergent and asked if there was anything else we needed, she said “ten-pound bag of gummi bears” The post itself already had a joking tone, so I added “oh, and a ten-pound bag of gummi bears. You know… for the animals”

Guess what actually came in the mail today :rofl: with a note that said “I hope ‘the animals’ enjoy this! Thank you for all you do”


So, I know the condo unit above me is working on their main bathroom today to solve a leak issue. This is great because it is right above my bathroom and I don’t want to have to deal with resulting ceiling damage. Still, when I heard a shampoo bottle come crashing down in my unit, I leapt off my chair, reached for the phone, thinking “Intruder!”

And then I sat back down and laughed at myself.