So what now for Norn Iorn?

Tonight, the IRA have started Decomissioning. a small step,
but a step none the least.

I dont know what the next step is going to be, undoubtedly the normal sources will say its not enough, but then, thats whats to be expected from these people.

a full text of the IRA statement can be found here
I dont know why I put this in MPSIMS, I guess theres not mych debate, and not much of a rant.
Just something I wanted to share.

Small step? This sounds like a rather large milestone if the IRA folks indeed live up to their statements. A voluntary disarming is nothing to sneeze at. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of a long and tragic chapter in your history. The 1998 Good Friday peace agreement appears to be the best current hope for an eventual re-unification of Ireland.

Best of luck to all you guys on the Emerald Isle.

Unsurprisingly it was followed by an announcement by the UDA (you know, the group that thinks 8-year-old Catholic schoolgirls are legitimate targets) that they won’t be following suit.

Good on the RA, though.

the writing was on the wall yesterday with Gerry Adams statement.
At last, the ball is in the Unionists court, and the non violent nationalists can hold their heads up again.